Sunday, August 28, 2016

If Black Lives Matter

Yes! Black lives matter, except in black urban neighborhoods
where it's open season for murder of blacks by blacks.
Media and the black caucus is selling "Black Lives Matter" as
a civil rights movement. I always associated a movement with
bowel relief. Trying to pass off these organized rabble rousers
as legitimate is like a bowel movement.

When you see what blacks have achieved, having won the
civil rights battle is a given. It's the President and the above
mentioned who instill the word victim to slackers, for nefarious
personal gain, creating the tension and divisiveness between

Fatal attacks on our law enforcement personnel is the result of
irresponsible governing authorities who miss interpret the cause
of problems and solutions, periling the safety of actual victims.
Every day regular programing is interrupted to report an
unfortunate fatality by police for somebody resisting arrest.
Usually a person with a long list of felonies.

The slacker victims are easily manipulated to stir up violence by
their benefactors, telling them the violence is a legitimate right
to protest. Destroying property and causing harm is criminal, not
protest; but the governing authority seldom prosecutes and the
list of felons grows and law enforcement personnel are becoming
reluctant to make arrests for fear they are becoming the enforced
rather than the enforcers.

If black lives really matter, the ideologues wouldn't be using race
to promote their advocacies.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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