Thursday, August 11, 2016

Transparent Dishonesty

The word “transparent” has been bandied about by most politicians (mainly by Obama and Hillary) in trying to explain how open they are with the public. Can you really believe their claims of being transparent?

Take for instance, the claim by Hillary Clinton that she has been transparent in all her activities as a public figure and as a public servant. To me, the only thing she has been transparent about is her “transparent dishonesty”. From her time in the White House when she was responsible for firing the people who ran the travel office and replacing them with her and Bill's friends (the fired members were later exonerated and had to be rehired), her lapse of memory when the “lost” Rose Law Firm records showed up in the White House mysteriously, when she claimed that the accusations of sexual abuse against her husband was just a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband and then trashing his female accusers, her removal of furnishings from the White House when they vacated it in 2001 (they had to return over $120,000 worth of the loot), her refusal to follow protocol about using a private e-mail server when she was Secretary of State and then claiming that the State Dep't. gave her permission to use it (the Inspector General said that she never asked for nor would she have gotten permission), her outright lying to the public about the real cause of the Benghazi attack by Muslim terrorists, etc., etc.

The terms “let it all hangout” or “truth is the great disinfectant” , seems to not be in the psyche or the playbook of Hillary Clinton as she has “stonewalled” investigators, over and over again, who were looking into her use of her private e-mail server (she wouldn't even meet face-to-face with the Inspector General), her faux story of a “disgusting” anti-Muslim video as to the cause of the attack and murder of four Americans at the U.S Benghazi compound, which included the murder of our Libyan ambassador, and the deleting of over 30,000 e-mails when her records were under subpoena by the Congress, and on and on.

Are her actions and explanations credible or are they considered obfuscations, that is “lies”? It seems that the citizens are not fooled by her evasive answers as when they were polled by the Quinnipiac Polling Group and were asked to list the first word that came into their minds when the name Hillary Clinton was mentioned, the first three answers were #1 – Liar, #2 – Dishonest, #3 – Untrustworthy. Is that being transparent? Do her actions prove that she is “transparent' or does it show that she is a master at withholding inconvenient pertinent information from public view or public scrutiny?

We all have lapses in memory and most of us have told lies (some “white” and some “whoppers”), but most of us don't have the capacity to continue to lie about practically anything or everything that we say or do. The same could not be said of Hillary Clinton, who some claim is a “pathological liar”. Even back in 1995, the late noted N.Y. Times columnist , William Safire, called Hillary Clinton a “congenital liar”. A recent poll found that 70% of the people polled do not think Hillary is open and transparent (that poll included both Democrats and Republicans) and that you cannot believe in her public statements. At present, she is supposedly leading in the polls for election as our next president. Is there a disconnect there? Can you imagine if our next president carried this “lack of transparency” baggage with them into the Oval Office, would we continue being the laughing stock of the world? Who would trust that president, both domestically and with our foreign policy, in carrying out their duties as the person representing the most powerful nation in the world?

From what I just related, you could deduce that the only thing that is transparent about Hillary is her “transparent dishonesty”.

The Democrats will try to shift the emphasis about her horrendous personal image in the minds of the public by spending hundreds of millions of dollars by trashing her opponent Donald Trump instead of trying to show that she is honest and trustworthy, which would be an almost impossible task. Voters, don't buy their “snake oil”, get rid of the “status quo” and vote for real change - vote for Donald Trump.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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