Sunday, August 21, 2016

MORT’s’ meanderings

Our friends the Saudis, are not now nor, have they ever really been our friends.
It is way past time to admit that we Americans have been guilty of gross stupidity, colossal greed, inexcusable incompetence and corruption to the max, when it comes to our one-sided relationship with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.  We’ve conducted ourselves with obsequious servility.
Our amateur diplomats operating out of the Dept. of State have, since we began buying seagoing tankers full of Middle East oil, acted as if they’ve had a mortal fear of offending these slimy thugs that cover themselves in spotlessly clean sheets.  The Saudis saw us coming from a mile off and decided that we are easy marks – much as a pickpocket targets an easy mark in a crowd; it’s the guy with a bulging wallet in his breast pocket.  For them, it’s so laughably easy.
They cried out for us to defend them against one of their neighbors and we responded by fighting and winning their battle for them at great cost in American blood and treasure.  And how were we thanked?  First, they didn’t lift a finger to help themselves and they repaid us by letting us lick their sandals.  They forbade our military to wear their uniforms; ordered the women in our military to wear garb that didn’t offend Islam’s oppressive traditions of misogynistic behavior – and ordered our troops around as if they owned them.  And, like obedient puppies, we submitted to that nonsense.
Why on Earth would we do that?  Can you guess?  Right.  It was our own oil money that was poured all over our top military and diplomatic people, who were only too glad to comply with the tyrannical lunacy of the Saudis.  Sad, huh?
Meanwhile, the Saudis have never stopped fomenting and funding vicious attacks on American property and against the American people – dating from ‘9-11’ and since, with a non-stop string of violent attacks on easy, soft targets that guarantee to kill large numbers of innocent Americans.  And still, we suck up to these monsters and buy their oil, while we have more oil right under our feet than we can use in 2 or 3 centuries.  
                    Will we ever learn?  Maybe, if we elect a true patriot to lead us.

     MORT KUFF  © 7-18-2016

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