Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Dragon Lady a/k/a The Chappaqua Chiseler

If you ever wonder what happened to the "Dragon Lady," the female villain
from the old popular syndicated newspaper comic strip "Terry and the Pirates,"
 written and drawn by Milton Caniff, from 1934-1946, here's my take on it.
October 26th 1947, a Hillary Rodham was born and took over the Dragon
Lady's persona to continued the life of deceit and crime.

A way must be found to nail down the rug of truth so no more scandals
can be swept under it by the Obama administration and its flunky followers
in media and Malibu.

Three related to the Clintons, that are and have been under Congressional
hearings, Inspector General's inquiry and FBI investigation are under damage
control by them.

The three alleged scandals are, dropping the ball in Benghazi and lying about
it just 56 days before the presidential election, to hide a lame strategy gone
wrong. The unauthorized and unlawful use of a personal server to transmit
emails pertaining to government business, and withholding pertinent
documentation requested by investigating committees, showing they
contained sensitive material, which the former Secretary of State claims were
not marked classified or secret at the time, but reclassified later, after the fact.
Her statement is "closing the barn door after the cows have gotten out." In
other words, anybody and everybody had access to our secrets before the
lid was put on.

Thirdly, the accumulation of a mega million dollar fortune by The Bill, Hillary
and Chelsea Clinton Foundation that appears to have been amassed by
selling America to dubious sources for favors while holding public office.
These investigations have been contaminated when it has been learned that
former president Bill Clinton was at Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l airport when
 he was notified AG Loretta Lynch's airplane was landing. Boarding her plane,
Clinton and Lynch conversed for half an hour. Upon questioning this meeting,
the Attorney General professed they spoke only about their families and golf,
and pooh-poohed any notion they discussed any legal matters pertaining to
Hillary Clinton and the investigations.

If AG Loretta Lynch fails to prosecute or submit any FBI indictments on Hillary
to the grand jury, we will know the fix is on and she is as corrupt as the rest of
the Obama administration.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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