Sunday, August 7, 2016

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Obama’s legacy:  
Eight years of wasted opportunities to do good.
Those American voters who were conned into believing that they were voting for the First Black President as someone who would be for the ‘little guy’, were taken to the cleaners along with the rest of us.  
As it turned out, the First half-black/All-Muslim president once elected, immediately began the process of denigrating our most sacred symbol, the Stars & Stripes and our most sacred document, The Constitution. One of his first acts following his bungled inauguration, was a trip to Egypt to make a speech in which he profusely apologized to our most vociferous enemies for all the things he perceived this nation had done over the past two-hundred years plus, to the detriment of nations all around the globe.  
At the same time, he managed to alienate all our time-tested allies, one after another, with special attention given to the staunchest ally we have in the Middle East, the tiny State of Israel.  Obama’s hate offensive and America’s destruction was, ‘Game ON’.
Despite a record of incurring mind-blowing debt and intentionally decimating America’s industries by imposing unbearable regulations and restrictions that made no sense whatever, this miscreant was re-elected. Who would do that?  One guess, it was those  same voters who voted him into office the first time.  But this time, they did it with one eye on his skin color and the other eye tightly-closed.  The word, ‘inexplicable’ comes to mind.
Just three months away in November, the voting public that will undoubtedly include a large contingent of illegal aliens, will be given the choice to vote for Donald Trump or, four more years of Obama’s wasted opportunities in the corrupt persona of Hillary Clinton, who shares Obama’s fatally-flawed Socialistic ideology.  Plus, Her Royal Thickness is visibly chomping at the bit to pile on some even-more odious & restrictive, tyrannical policies of her own.  Given that scenario and the very real expectation of widespread voter fraud being perpetrated by the Democrat Fraud Squad, is there one sane reason to vote for Hillary?  Hell no!  We’ve seen this movie for way too long.
Donald J. Trump is something we haven’t seen before in a person who is vying to become our next president.  We all agree that he is, ‘different’.  I contend that he has some rough edges that will be smoothed out by the rigors of the Presidency.  One thing he has going for him that Hillary and her machine cannot truthfully claim is –
He is an American patriot who will put America and Americans first - every time.

          MORT KUFF   © 8-6-2016

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