Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hillary and the Truth

The liberal media has done everything they could to restore the credibility of Hillary Clinton. All of a sudden, they have conveniently overlooked all of the lies she has told over the years. The real question: would you put in office someone who is a habitual liar? Often politicians will stretch the truth but good old Hillary Clinton has brought this to a new standard. Never has a politician lied on so many subjects both superficial and important. Here are just a few of the lies she has told:

1. Clinton claimed that when she left off the White House she was “dead broke.” Even the left-wing, liberal Politifact found that statement to be false.

2. During the 2008 campaign Clinton said that she came under sniper fire in Bosnia in the 1990s. Video later showed this claim was false.

3. She claimed that “all of my grandparents” were immigrants. It turns out only one grandparent was an immigrant.

4. She claimed that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary after he was acclaimed for climbing Mt. Everest. The only problem is that Sir Edmund accomplished this when she was six years old.

5. Not too long ago Clinton claimed she was turned down from joining the Marines in 1975. There is no evidence that she ever applied to the Marine Corps. Further, it is highly unlikely that the wife of an ex-President would join the Marines. In any event, Politifact again said this was false.

6. She claimed that a video was the cause of the Benghazi incident at a time when she knew that was false.

7. She claimed the Veterans Administration mishandling was not widespread. It turned out they were worse.

8. She claimed that her daughter Chelsea was jogging around the WTC on 9/11. Turned out to be another lie.

9. She claimed that she was instrumental in the Northern Ireland peace process – another falsehood. She was nowhere to be found in the process.

The following lies come directly from Politifact, a left-wing liberal source.

1. She claimed that nothing that Donald Trump makes is made in the U.S.

2. She claimed that Mike Pence slashed education spending when he was governor.

3. She said she never sent of received “any material that was marked confidential” on her personal server when she was Secretary of State.

4. She claimed that minorities were three times as likely to be denied a mortgage as whites who had the same credentials.

5. “We have now driven health care costs down to the lowest they’ve been in 50 years.” What world does she live in?

6. The Benghazi probe is the longest in political history. The comment by Poiitifact: “Not by a long shot.”

7. She claimed that Governor Scott Walker vetoed a bill to make college payments deductible which would result in higher costs for college students. The bill never made it to Walker’s desk.

8. Hedge fund managers “pay less in taxes than truck drivers and nurses.” Blatantly false.

9. She claimed NIH funding decreased under President Bush. Another falsehood.

Some other points of note in Hillary Clinton’s career.

The New York Times revealed in March 1994 that in 1978, just before her husband became governor, Hillary had made a $100,000 profit on a $1,000 investment in highly speculative cattle-futures contracts in only nine months. Hillary’s first explanation was that she had made the investment after “reading The Wall Street Journal and placed all the trades herself after seeking advice from “numerous people.” Eventually, she had to admit that longtime Clinton friend James Blair had executed 30 of her 32 trades directly with an Arkansas broker. In an April 1994 press conference, Hillary denied knowing of “any favorable treatment” by Blair.

Hillary was asked why her then-chief of staff, Maggie Williams, had been involved in removing documents from the office of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster after his suicide. “I don’t know that she did remove any documents,” Hillary said. But it was reported three months later that Hillary had instructed Williams to remove the Foster documents to the White House residence.

In the summer of 1995, the Resolution Trust Corp. reported that Hillary had been one of 11 Rose Law Firm lawyers who had done work in the mid-1980s on an Arkansas real estate development, widely known as Castle Grande, promoted by James McDougal and Seth Ward. She told federal investigators that she knew nothing about Castle Grande. When it turned out that more than 30 of her 60 hours of legal work for Madison Guaranty involved Castle Grande, she said she had known the project under a different name. A 1996 Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. report said that she had drafted documents that Castle Grande used to “deceive federal bank examiners.”

So no matter how the liberal media attempts to portray Hillary: the fact is that she is a congenital liar.

Conservative commentary from Jim Pirretti

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