Thursday, January 28, 2016

Grabbing Defeat from the Jaws of Victory!

Unfortunately, I'm getting that sinking feeling that it's “deja vu” 2012 all over again after listening to the Republican candidates for president. The rancor and vituperation between the G.O.P. candidates, as they try to get an upper hand in the various state primaries, are just what the Democrats ordered. I'm sure they are taking notes and recording sound bites in hopes of using those talking points in the coming general election, just like they did in 2012.

The Democrats most probably are getting very antsy about their leading candidate, Hillary Clinton, as the FBI is close to coming to a conclusion in its probe of Hillary Clinton for her use of a private server, against State Department rules, and her use of the office of Secretary of State in making decisions affecting donors to the Clinton Global Initiative (the Clinton Foundation). If the FBI sends a request to the Attorney General to present an indictment of Hillary, it's a whole new ballgame, and will throw the Democrats into a frenzy and will encourage the movers and shakers of the Democrats to then throw Hillary under the bus and to try come up with a new candidate (most probably NOT Bernie Sanders, who is an avowed Socialist, which would be a major hurdle to overcome - remember the Progressive (a/k/a Socialist) candidacy of George McGovern in 1972?).

From my prospective, as a Republican, I think most all the remaining G.O.P. candidates are much more preferable than any of the Democrat candidates, by far. With President Obama leaving office in January, 2017 with an approval rate now at or below 40%, this should be an up year for the Republicans, but as Republicans have shown before, as the headline of this editorial states, they are prone to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.

Mitt Romney and the other candidates in the 2012 Republican primary trashed each other mercilessly and as a result Romney's candidacy was hurt by this negative onslaught by other Republicans and, unfortunately, by some tactical campaign errors by Romney himself. All the signs pointed to a G.O.P. win in 2012 because the G.O.P. won in a landslide off-year election in 2010, mainly over failed Obama policies and a sluggish economy, but alas, Obama won re-election.

Now 4 years later, the same electoral landscape is even worse than it was in 2012. Over 60% of the citizens think our country is on the “wrong track”, and the Democrat candidates are praising Obama's record and want to continue it if elected. It should be a no-brainer to vote against the Democrat candidate, but many in the G.O.P. have said that if their candidate does not win the nomination they won't vote and support the eventual Republican candidate. If that happens, the Republicans can kiss the election of 2016 goodbye, even with flawed Democrat candidates as the opposition. It could be that the G.O.P. might never recover power in the near future.

So folks, will the Republicans commit suicide and grab defeat from the jaws of victory, or will they unite behind one of our candidates to save the country from becoming the United States of Europe. Now, my friends, go out and vote for the G.O.P. , our lives depend on it.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Anonymous said...

There is another reason to get out and vote to keep Hillary out of the White House. Something she just said yesterday. She said that appointing Obama as a Supreme Court Justice sounds like a good idea. He is a lawyer and has been a law professor (kinda sorta) and it would be a good choice, assuming the GOP totally messes up and we get a democratic majority, yes my friend, you might get Obama for a lifetime. So if you don't want a lifetime of Obama keep Hillary out of the White House. For those of you who are sore losers and won't vote unless your candidate is nominated, think about a lifetime of Obama. How does that sound to you? Stop being stupid crybabies and get out and vote. It is possible that literally your life as you know it now will depend on it.

Vince Weaver said...

Has common sense gone out of the window? Most likely the Republicans will rally round the candidate chosen, but the damage might already have been done. The vituperation and vilification of each by the Republican candidates against each other, might already have resulted in irreversible damage to the nominee of the Republican Party. As bad as the Democrat candidates are, they don't slime each other like the Republicans have been doing. If we can't beat a "congenital liar" or an avowed Socialist in Nov. 2016, we, as Republicans, might just have to pack it in for a long, long time. We must win the election, no matter who our candidate is, our nation as we know it, is in the balance.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what would be worse, a lying former first lady, senator from NY and married to a former POTUS who will be known as the "first dude", an admitted socialist who wants to take from the rich (as long as they are richer than he is) and give to the lazy or a poll leading bombastic businessman who may have followers but it's unknown if he has voters. Do we want another POTUS of color? How about another Bush? Could Cruz cruise to the White House? What if Trump gets the nomination will you vote for him? Will you vote at all? Do you like your money? Want to keep your retirement secure?

We can learn something from Chicago, get out to vote and vote often.

Tipster said...

Now that the Voting starts maybe we can get rid of the Democrats masquerading as RINOs. The guy from Ohio and the one from New Jersey are Big Government cronies. They attack Conservatives and jump on board with Obamacare and other Democrat disasters. I say we must lay most of the blame at the feet of McConnell and Boehner for the damage they have done to The GOP.

Unknown said...

Guys like Tipster are the problem, because they more likely to stay home!