Sunday, January 17, 2016

People aren't born Stupid

There is many a liberal who has taken up the cause of ignorance. It is futile arguing with
any of them if you hope to win, because logic for them is negated by emotion over fact;
and a country cannot survive under that circumstance.

It is an unfortunate reason why people like Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the
Clintons and others of their ilk exist. In evidence is the state of the union and its decline
on all fronts, due to the leadership, or lack thereof, by the ideologue whom those mentioned
 above entrusted to maintain the country's exceptionalism grudgingly.

Their life styles defy their oral humanitarianism, spouting equality from ivory towers, to
be heard for those below. There is no differential line between those in legitimate
need and the ones playing the system, when it comes to bribing them for their vote, or
fanning their ego.

Prof. Jonathan Gruber nailed it when describing the general public, in his statement
pertaining to Obamacare. Their ignorance reaches far beyond that. A frightening number
of clueless people are in positions affecting lives and it appears those waiting in the wings
(millenniums) to replace them is scary. They are social liberals, eating away the moral
 traditions that endured for centuries. Trying to destroy the formula for structured family,
that has maintaining the quality of life for most.

Unless we find the way to stop this decline in morals and revive our Judeo-Christian
values, our country and what was the American way of life will be heading toward

Conservative column from George Giftos

The Rape of Europe

Gangs of Muslim migrants sexually molest hundreds of European women on New Year's Eve. Who will the progressive Left side with, the real victims or side with the Muslim Refugees?

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Larry Cutler said...

If people aren't stupid then how come they voted for Barack Hussein Obama, for president, twice? For people to have a choice between an avowed Socialist and two "undercover" Socialists, Clinton and O'Malley, shows where our education system has failed. Who in their right mind would vote for people who profess a failed ideology, like Socialism, and try to make our country the United States of Europe? Did we become the best, most prosperous country in the world by espousing Socialism, no, our founders gave us the system of capitalism which has the buil-in incentive to be all you can be and to be rewarded for your efforts, not to have the the government to give you a handout, but to give you a hand up.

Lou Seigel said...

The Democrat debate on Sunday showed the real difference between the Democrats and Republicans. They proved the idea that Chuck presented awhile back when he stated that the Democrats are now the "free stuff" party. Once you take the incentive out of life, you become mediocre and eventually become a ward of the state and are relegated to living in poverty as a result. Are many of these people who vote for Democrats that stupid? Unfortunately, the answer is YES.

Liz Borkey said...

Let us be honest for a change and not politically correct. How stupid are the women who voted for Obama or support Hillary when their agenda is to bring in more Illegal Aliens and Muslim refugees who attack, rape or kill American women?