Sunday, January 31, 2016

As Time Goes By

There is something terribly wrong with society today that defies decency.
It's been slowly evolving after World War ll with the Baby Boomers of
1946-1964. Followed by Generation X in 1965-1979 and blending into the
Millennials of Generation Y from 1980 to become the T and IG generation.
The "Trendy and Instant Gratification" generation, that's heading toward a
zero achievement legacy.

Prior to the aforementioned generations, despite a world wide depression
and a devastating war, there was a positive note, referred to as the Greatest
Generation by Tom Brokaw, because of its sacrifices and contribution to
society. It existed before the decline and rise of things, ironically all beginning
with the letter 'M'; music. morals, manners, movies, media, migrants, murder
and marketing.

Sometime, starting in the fifties, pop music lost its melodious sound and
became noise pollution, and lyrics transformed into pornographic expression
 performed by sparsely, gaudily clad headliners and grubby looking groups
lacking professionally trained tonal structure in their vocal presentation.
Generation X began the era when morals became the sewage in a rural field
called Woodstock and the hippie pot hole at Haight-Ashbury corrupted the
impressionable. Before them, gay meant being happy, pot was something
used to cook things in and grass was a lawn to mow.

And before "T and IG," Human life mattered in any color.
Unlike the old southern plantations, residents of today's urban plantations
 have lost their dignity under their rich progressive overseers, label them
victims and bestowing unwarranted entitlements to control them.

Manners are rare occurrences and total surprises when it happens. Of
course some people are still around who embody the Norman Rockwell
image of innocent and respectful America, but they are dwindling.

Hollywood is synonymous with movies and because its quality of production
 and its resident life style, a more appropriate designation should be,
Hollysodom and Gomorrahwood.

The media is a tool for marketers to promote propaganda, telling us we
have to buy things we don't need or want, or have the money to pay for
 them. A deception of theirs is, call a product new and improved by
repackaging it so you will think are getting the same amount to hide lesser
 content, or excuse to raise the price. Case in point, 59 ounces in a half
gallon container of orange juice and periodically, shorting 20 to 30 sheets
less in a roll of toilet paper. Setting a ridiculous arbitrary high price for a
 product and then advertising it at a lower price to make you think you
 are getting a bargain, or "but wait, we will give you a second one for free; just
pay shipping and handling." Does a hundred dollar pillow ring a bell?

On the rise is undocumented illegal migrants crossing our borders, putting
 a strain on our infrastructure and prison system. Many are criminals making
the headline for senseless murders.

I fear our country is regressing into nihilism and it might be a good idea to
seriously research plans on how to construct an ARK.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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