Sunday, January 3, 2016

Saint Hillary

Although the democratic primary might be a forgone conclusion for Hillary
Clinton, it is not her ultimate goal. The self-serving Hillary always strives to
conquer everything before her, to fulfill an unsatisfied ambitious narcissism.
Like receiving a Nobel prize for economics, to put another feather in her cap;
for turning a thousand dollars in cattle futures into a hundred thousand
dollars over night. Or not so inconceivable, as her final goal, converting to
Catholicism, so she can be beatified for sainthood. Like Jesus turning water
into wine, using the turning of a thousand dollars into one hundred thousand
as one of her miracles.

Also, her pious destitution of being dead broke serving the country, after
humbly leaving the White House and turning her life around by going to the
people (Wall Street) to help her raise two and a half billion dollars, so she can
continue her unselfish good work to fix our dysfunctional government and
getting the unaccountable money out of it once and for all.

Founding the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation is another unselfish,
humanitarian endeavor, because she cleverly induces big corporations and the
oil rich, unsavory Middle East countries to finance it. These contributors can
donate their money directly to some of the foundation's benefactors, but it will
be contrary to the teachings of the Quran and Sharia practices against women's
rights and other inhumane issues. So sheltering the money under the Clinton
foundation keeps their integrity under Allah intact.

Of course her positions in government is integral and essential, to show her
Quid pro quo appreciation for their support.

Because she is so special that she doesn't have to follow the guidelines that
apply to the rest of us, her lying is accepted or ignored, as evidenced in the
Benghazi hearing and all previous confrontations, that will more than
likely happen with the FBI's investigation in the use of her private server to convey
and receive classified and top secret communications.

In spite of this, the American people are so lucky to have someone like Hillary, who
would walk on water for them.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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1 comment:

Ira Schwartz said...

This is an interesting fact that most people don't know - did you know that the Obama's and the Clinton's were born under the same sign - the sign is FOR SALE.