Sunday, January 10, 2016

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Is it too much to ask?
Fifty-six men of Faith, of disparate backgrounds but, who all of whom shared the common dream of creating a new kind of government, one that derived its power from the people and served at the pleasure of those same people, met in Philadelphia in the Summer of 1776 to attempt to breath life into such an innovative concept.  It was an extraordinary gathering; nothing like it had ever been tried.
Together, they represented a prodigious body of knowledge of the history of all governments, religions and science from the dawn of recorded history to the very day they first convened.  They discussed, argued, agreed and disagreed but finally, hammered out a compromise they called, The Constitution of the United States of America.  It was duly accepted by the people of the original thirteen colonies. This grand experiment survived and through all sorts of ups and downs, has withstood the test of time for 240 years.   
The one variable has been the fact that for this unique system of representational government to function successfully as designed, it was dependent upon honest men of staunch faith in their creator, who were totally dedicated to service to and for their fellow citizens whenever they were elected to represent them.  This has been the strength and also the weakness of the system.  Dedication to the principles, the tenets and the original intent of The Constitution has been the key to its successful implementation.
From the outset, elected officials were inducted into public service upon their swearing an Oath of Allegiance to The Constitution of the United States that was based upon Judeo-Christian principles.  Hence, it became accepted practice to take this sacred Oath with right hand raised and left hand resting on The Bible, attesting to the solemnity of their dedication.
Through much of the next one hundred years or so, the composition of the members of the U. S. Congress was pretty much dominated by white, Christian men.  Following the Civil War until currently, the make-up has included men and women of a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds.  In recent times, several members of the Muslim faith have been elected to the U. S. Congress and have sworn their Oath of Allegiance with a hand placed upon a copy of the Quran.  
The Muslim faith, based upon the Quran and the political-religious way of Islam and Shariah, is in direct conflict with The Constitution.  It seeks to replace our Constitution with a Caliphate that accepts no belief other than Islam and the tenets of Shariah.  That of course, is totally the opposite of our beliefs and traditions held since this nation was founded.  Today, the Western world, the civilized world, is experiencing mass murders and unspeakably violent attacks on innocent civilians at the hands of radical, militant, lunatic, terrorist Islamos.  They operate primarily in the Middle East but have recently expanded their blood-thirsty activities to include us, here in the USA.  Not all Muslims are terrorists but, all terrorists are Muslim or, they are radicalized followers of Islam.   Obama and his entire administration are in total denial of the reality of this insurgency; ‘Climate Change’ heads up this president’s list of priorities.  “What’s the problem?”
My question:   Is it too much to ask that the people we elect and send to our nation’s Capital to represent us and protect us from harm - be required to swear their Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution of The United States of America, with their right hand held high and left hand resting only on a copy of The Constitution ?  Not the Bible, not the Quran. Not a comic book but, The CONSTITUTION !
         MORT KUFF   © 12-17-2015

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Frank Rose said...

Do people really think that Islam is a real religion? To many, this is a political, theocratic ideology masquerading as a "peaceful" religion. The icons of the Bible (Jesus) and the Torah (Moses) were people of peace, while the person, Mohammed (Islam), was a vicious warrior, who tried to conquer the world, as it existed, in the 7th century. Many of today's Muslims are still stuck in the 7th century and have not moderated their views in today's modern world. No, not all Muslims are terrorists, but it seems that most all terrorists are Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Thank God we live in a country that allows us the freedom to practice what ever religion we like. When you guarantee that right in the most sacred document, the Constitution, you have to also accept those religions you don't agree with, but where do you draw the line? There is no line to draw because our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. If I am a member of the church of Satan am I not allowed to practice my religion just because you don't like it? If I go out and sacrifice a few virgins in Satan's name that's breaking the law and while many have argued in court that smoking weed, mutilating animals or having sex with children is part of their religion all have failed in those arguments including the sacrificing virgins.

You're right not all Muslims are terrorists just as not all Jews are cheap or all Mexicans are lazy or Italian men are the best lovers. When dealing in generalities you run the risk of alienating entire blocks of people based on the perception that because other like me are bad then I am bad.

Under the guise of national security we have given up a little personal freedom here and a little privacy there. It has been so gradual that we no longer notice or we say, "I have nothing to hide" so it doesn't effect me. Now, we are advocating limiting the practice of religion because those in power need an enemy for you to blame the world's problems on. Be careful what you wish for because pretty soon if we continue down this same road the interment camps will open back up and we will start pre-heating the ovens.