Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Clinton Crime Foundation Inc.

Remember when we had an organization called Murder Inc.? That was the name the press gave to organized crime groups in the 1930's and 1940's (made up of mostly Italians and Jews) as the enforcement arm of the American Mafia.

Although murder was part of the “modus operandi” of Murder Inc., the Clinton Foundation is not violent and is considered a white-collar “crime” operation that works as a tax-free international money laundering scheme. The Clinton's are very clever in their approach to becoming wealthy beyond belief in just 15 years, and they have used the tax-free foundation as one of the means of obtaining that wealth. Since the Clinton's claimed to be “broke” after Bill Clinton left the presidency (the debts claimed were mainly caused by Bill's legal problems of lying before a grand jury etc.), they have very cleverly set up the tax-free Clinton Foundation, which was supposed to fund “good works” around the world. Who could be against that?

Bill Clinton, along with his wife Hillary, used their influence as an ex-president and Hillary's positions as a U.S. Senator and a Secretary of State, to wean money from various countries and individuals by having them pay them enormous speaking fees (from $200,000 to $800,000 per speech) and very generous donations to the Clinton Foundation for using their influence in and out of government. In many cases after these fees and donations were made, a favorable monetary result or a tactical political result happened to these countries and individuals. That is called a “quid pro quo” which the Clinton's seem to have mastered to perfection.

The Clinton Foundation works its web of “influence peddling” in the following ways. First, they set up a “foreign charity”, like the one they set up in Canada, with shady character Frank Giustra as one of the principles (Google him up). With that in place, many oligarchs (many dictators and wealthy foreign businessmen) and foreign governments then donate mega millions to the Canadian “charity”. The Canadian charity then “bundles” the donations and makes a massive donation to the Clinton Foundation. Due to the laws in Canada, the people and countries making the donations are prohibited from being disclosed and identified by Canadian law. The Clinton Foundation then uses that money to do supposedly “good works” around the world. Many charitable experts believe that approximately 10% of the foundation money goes to real charitable operations, and much of the balance goes to enrich the Clinton's, and by paying “cronies” exorbitant salaries to work for them and to be future surrogates when Hillary runs for president, and to provide lavish travel arrangements for themselves and their hangers on. This whole scheme is virtually all tax-free, which means you and I are subsidizing their lavish lifestyle, as they are part of the now infamous and “evil” 1%. The Clinton's are estimated now to be worth over $150 million. I guess they're not broke anymore.

With both Clinton's, being lawyers (which might be rightly could be spelled “liars”), and many of their friends on the Clinton “gravy train” being lawyers, they have weaved a tangled web of financial “hanky-panky” which is difficult to prosecute as they use our laws to skirt the laws for their own financial benefit..

Much of this money paid to the Clinton Foundation goes into the Clinton's pockets tax-free, and is untraceable back to the original donors. This is a classic case of money laundering which many people, other than the Clinton's, are now serving time in prison (ex: former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell now serving time for a paltry $165,000 in gifts and loans), but it seems there are two sets of rules and laws in our country, one for the Clinton's and one is for the rest of us poor schlepps.

The list of beneficiaries of the Clinton influence peddling includes many countries and unsavory individuals who benefited from their intervention. The following countries, the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), Uzbekistan (run by a dictator) and other countries who paid Clinton speaking fees and made donations to the Clinton Foundation, as were global companies like, UBS (the mega Swiss bank), Ericsson (the Swedish electronics giant), Oracle, Renaissance Capital (a Russian bank), Samsung, AFLAC, Dell Computers etal. All received favorable outcomes of their problems with the U.S. by working with the Clinton's (especially during the time when Hillary was Secretary of State) by paying huge speaking fees and making big Clinton Foundation donations.

Both the Clinton's and the representatives of the countries and organizations with these arrangements said there was no connection with their lobbying efforts and the speaking fees they paid the Clinton's outright, and the donations to the Clinton Foundation. If anybody thinks that they did that out of the goodness of their hearts, and that nothing was expected in return, and that there was not a “quid pro quo” involved, than I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

It will be interesting to see what the FBI will come up with in their investigation of the Clinton's. Chances of Obama flunky, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, bringing criminal charges against the Clinton's (who are Democrats) is remote to say the least, so exposure by the Republican candidates, and the conservative newspapers (few as they are) and conservative talk radio shows, will be vital in exposing the Clinton Crime Foundation Inc., and all its many money laundering tactics. Can you imagine the American electorate voting into the office of the presidency someone like Hillary Clinton, who is a potential felon?

Let's hope the alleged crimes of the Clinton's will see the light of day and that the voting public will reject Hillary and bring us back to the constitutional republic our founders gave us back in the year 1789, the ratification of our Constitution.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Unknown said...

If the knucklehead Republicans and Independents stay home again and not use their vote, because they don't like the result of the primary pick,they will be handing over our country to the bunglers, liars, felons, greedy and incompetent socialist ideologues again.
If you don't care who sits in the supreme court, then stay home; but don't shoot your mouth off, because you are part of the problem.

Ed Geiger said...

I can't understand how people who belong to a particular political party can overlook the shady activities of another party member(s) just because they are of the same political party. That's exactly what the Democrats are doing when they turn a blind eye to the scandals that the Clinton's have been involved in. If it was one slip up I can see their reluctance to condemn the Clinton's, but the scandals have followed them all the way from Arkansas to the White House and up till today (over 25 years of non-stop scandals). When is enough, enough, and when does party loyalty take a back seat to honesty and integrity. The Clinton's are nothing but a pair of "grifters" drunk with the desire for power. To them, the end justifies the means.

Anonymous said...

Can you think of any company who would hire a corrupt, almost 70 year old habitual liar, who is under F.B.I. investigation as their CEO.....because she's a woman?