Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is Voter Manipulation Real or Imagined?

Every election cycle brings the charges that Republicans want to suppress the vote, especially among minority voters. Is that true or fictitious? (or is it the other way around)

Well, let's take a look at what's been happening over the past few years. Instead of having the minority vote suppressed, the minority vote has actually increased, percentage-wise. It seems that since the black vote usually votes for Democrats at a 95% clip, election after election, that ploy of accusing the Republicans of voter suppression is a means of motivating the black and Latino communities to get out and vote. It worked wonders in 2008 and 2012 for the Democrats in electing Obama twice. Not only did this tactic of the Democrats to increase the minority vote for Obama, it also had an affect on other national and state races as well.

The push around the country to relax the qualifications for voting is mainly organized by the Democrats. I wonder why? Motor voter, absentee ballots, no voter I.D. and early voting are mostly all championed by the Democrats for one particular reason, they can usually count on getting the “low information” voters to cast their votes for Democrats. Once upon a time, election day was on the 1st Tuesday of November only, but that didn't help the Democrats who wanted to manipulate the vote to their benefit by organizing generally Democrat voters in their churches and clubs and by “helping” them vote through intimidation in a group setting in the church and/ or by busing them to the polls after church services. These mostly minority attended churches not only use the pulpit for politicizing, but also for actual political activism in getting out the vote. Predominantly white churches normally do not get that involved in the political process. By the way, it is against the law for a church or other religious institution to be used for political purposes, but the law is not followed in many of those minority institutions and law enforcement generally looks the other way for fear of being called racists. Political correctness prevails.

The Democrats will then turn around and blame the Republicans for the same things they were doing to manipulate the vote to their benefit. Hypocrisy has no bounds when you want to win at all costs.

In the 2012 presidential election, you had certain parts of the country showing voting results that were statistically inconceivable. Whole precincts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio, had precincts where Romney received not a single vote and some with only a handful of votes. Of course, those precincts were in heavily black communities and were expected to vote big time for Obama, but 100%, give me a break. Who was in charge of these voting precincts and who counted the votes? I once heard a comment about why it's not always the number of votes cast that determines the winner, it's who counts the votes that really matters. Recent elections in Minnesota, Washington state and here in St. Lucie County, Florida were determined many hours and days after the polls closed and quite a few votes mysteriously emerged from closets and car trunks that turned the elections in favor of the Democrat candidate in those races. Do you think there was voter manipulation in those cases? Is the Pope Catholic, of course.

I have the feeling that voter manipulation and spurious vote counting will be on display again during the upcoming election in a few hotly contested races for the Senate in Georgia, Kentucky, No. Carolina and Colorado. The Democrats ground game, as listed before in getting out the vote, I'm sure are geared up for a big climax to stop the Republicans from gaining control of the Senate. They will do anything , short of murder, to maintain control of the Senate. I hope I'm wrong, but I have my suspicions as to what might happen on election day when all the polls prior to election day show that Republicans should be the victors, without voter manipulation.


Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Phil Tufano said...

How come most all voter fraud cases involve Democrats? Is that the only way they can win close elections? The Democrats seem to have delusions of adequacy.