Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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Congratulations Losers – You Won!

That would include all the ‘Smarter-than-everyone-else-Progressives’ here in S. E. Florida, who worship at the feet of our Failure-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.
Among them, proudly:
Elsie Hastings, Patsy Murphy, Lois Funkle, Debbie Whatevuh Schmutz, Ted Ditch, Hattie McWilson and Maria Sucks.   You guys are the best, you won!
Only one problem as I see it:  You are totally out of step with the rest of the thinking Americans who came to their senses.  
But don’t fret Boobies.  Obama still has his pen and he still has his phone. And he still has his pad of Executive Order blanks and 2 years in which to use them.
And, he is still full of hate for America, hate for The Constitution, hate for patriotic Americans, hate for Christians, hate for Jews, hate for Israel and hate for all those horrible Republicans who are the reason he is not yet the most exalted, most magnificient, most beloved,  ‘Imam of the United States of Islam’.
Geesch.  What were you guys thinking? No matter, you’ve got your jobs. You won!
Now, as Governor Rick Scott says, “Let’s get to work”.

MORT KUFF   © 11-5-2014

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Ed Harding said...

Look at the election results in Florida, the People's Republic of So. Florida was practically the only area of the state to vote for flip-flop Charlie Crist. Are these ex-northerners still living in the past that they must support an ex-Republican who has done a one-eighty in all the things he believed in just 4 years ago? How out of touch can they be. Now, let's keep working as Gov. Scott has taken up the reins again.