Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let's Not Screw it Up!

The Republican's had a big electoral win on election day and they now have the opportunity to point the country in a new positive direction - don't screw it up!

This success won't last if we start to turn on each other over petty differences of ideology or tactics. The Republican electorate finally did what the Democrats usually do (although not this time), support their candidates regardless of whether they had some minor differences. The old Reagan principle of supporting a candidate who believes in 80% of what you believe because it is better to have that candidate win than to have a candidate win with a 0% or very low rating win. Look what happened in 2012, some Republicans didn't agree with all that Mitt Romney stood for and refused to go out and vote. Look what we got out of that “purest” attitude - 4 more years of utter chaos and lousy economic and foreign policies. Were we better off by being “politically pure”? I think not. You could say that 4/5ths of a loaf is better than none.

The G.O.P. was accused of being the party of “NO”, but in actuality it was the party of “KNOW” by trying to slow down the Marxist/Socialist “total transformation” train wreck that was driven by Barack Hussein Obama.

A perfect example was the career of (now former political career) what could be called the Charlie Crist phenomenon. He lost his chance to regain the governorship of Florida because he stood for nothing, nada, nil, and zilch. He would and did sell his soul for a vote. In the space of 4 years, he morphed from a Republican, to an Independent, and finally to a Democrat. He flip-flopped on almost all his previous positions, he was like the man without a country. The voters, who were indoctrinated by a virulent anti-Rick Scott media and Democrat Party, saw through the chameleon, Charlie Crist, and re-elected Rick Scott, much to the chagrin of the Democrats, the media, and Charlie Crist.

So republicans, you have the opportunity to become the majority party - don't blow it by fostering petty divisions among your fellow party members. It's always good to have principles and to articulate them, but for the greater good of the party and society, sometimes you have to compromise in order to further those principles. My advice to my fellow Republicans (Conservatives) is to put the Democrats and Obama on the spot by putting all those bills sitting on Sen. Harry Reid's desk, that have been passed by the House, and send them up to Obama and have him either sign or veto those bills. This way, Obama and the Democrats, will go on the record. If he vetoes those bills, he will go on the record and the Democrats will be tagged as the party of “NO”, not the Republicans. That will have a major effect during the presidential campaign of 2016.

So G.O.P., don't screw up the big win you received in the election, now go do the right thing and show the American people you can lead, which is a big change from what we have now.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Murray Rosen said...

It seems that all the liberals tactics of using race, war on women, Republicans as polluters etc. didn't work this time around. In fact, it was the loony Democrats who put their feet in their mouths, including both Obama and Biden. Now the Republicans must go out and show the people what they believe in so that 2016 doesn't turn into victory for the Democrats. Put those bills that have remained on Harry Reid's desk for years and send them up to Obama. He'll have to either sign them or veto them, either way the people will know where the Democrats stand on the issues.

George G said...

Both parties have their idiots, so don't hold your breath the Republicants won't screw it up.
2012 is an example of the result of extreme-ism. Some would die of thirst rather than drink from the faucet, because they will only drink Perrier or Avian.