Sunday, November 23, 2014

MORT’s meanderings & Judge Jeanine Pirro Rips Obama

Tea Party irrelevant?     
So’s your patootie.

If you are a Conservative Republican living  in Florida, who listens to Democrat post-loss spin, you’ve probably read and heard that the Tea Party is no longer relevant and that biggees in the (R) party won’t  take these patriots or their beliefs into consideration when making policy.

If you swallow that swill, you probably voted (if you voted) for all the local-yokel Dems on the ticket because they hewed the Obama party line.  That would be Debbie Whatevuh, Ugly Hastings, Turr Ditch, Pansy Murphy, Lois Funkle, Hattie McWilson and of course, Maria Sux.  What a list of delusional barfers.

These losers are frightened out of their Halloween costumes by the Tea Party.  Why? Because the Tea Party is comprised of genuine, 100% through & through, American patriots.  They believe whole-heartedly in the Constitution of the United States of America.  They believe in the individual, in individual freedoms and individual responsibility.  They believe in smaller, transparent government and unequivocal honesty. Whaaat? What’s wrong with these people?

And oh yeah, one other thing - - Tea Party people believe in their Creator.  That means they possess an undying belief and total faith in a higher power than Obama, or the Democrat Party, or the IRS, or Global Warming.   They even believe that their Creator, our Creator, outranks so-called Liberal Progressives, who believe themselves to be the smartest people on Earth.    Scary, huh?
The original Tea Party was staged on December 16, 1773, by a group of irate Colonists aboard a merchant ship who protested highly-taxed English tea by throwing a few bales over the side, into Boston Harbor.  Well, here we are some 241 years later, with a latter-day reincarnation of those irate, over-taxed, under-represented activist citizens, figuratively throwing bales of  Obama’s Horse Manure Tea overboard.   Our Tyrannical King, His Lordship Barack Hussein Obama, the First, is every bit as fair & equal in his governing style as was kindly English King George III.  One sick monarch inherited his Kingship from his forebears; the other sick monarch was voted into the Presidency of the United States by a majority of clueless & careless voters.

Like that original Tea Party bunch, this latter-day reincarnation is a fiercely independent bunch.  They are relentlessly dedicated to ousting this generation’s reincarnation of tyrants that are bent on destroying the Constitutional form of governing our beautiful nation.   They would replace it with a form of Socialism that would soon morph into a Caliphate ruled by violent, blood-thirsty Islamist lunatics.   Sound like a good idea?

Attention: Newly-elected, establishment Republicans . . . don’t be stupid.  The Americana Patriots who belong to the loosely-organized Tea Party, voted you into office as their representatives.  They didn’t do it because you are pretty to look at; they expect and will demand that you govern with intelligence, courage, and in the full conviction that the guiding principles contained in The Constitution are as valid today as they were in 1776.       Got it?      I mean, do you really got it?      

MORT  KUFF   ©  11-9-2014

Judge Jeanine Pirro rips B. H. Obama from stem to stern for his outlandish and lawless immigration "orders."
She has another terrific opening statement and compares Obama at one point to Tony Soprano.

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Ray Rowland said...

Remember when the Tea Party came into existence, it was in opposition to Obamacare, and they were defamed by the media and the Democrats as being right-wing nut jobs? Well, with this latest scandal about how the Obama Administration lied to us about the provisions of the health care bill, it seems that the Tea Party was right all along. Don't they deserve an apology for the vile things that was said about them? Don't hold your breath for that to happen.

Unknown said...

I give the article ***** 5 Stars

* Piss poor
** Not for intelligent consumption
*** OK for reading in crapper
**** Now we're talking
***** Bulls Eye!