Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ferguson - Obama's Legacy

Our worse fears came true on Nov. 24, 2014, when Ferguson, Missouri went up in flames over a “supposed” decision by the Grand Jury by not bringing an indictment against Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. I use the word “supposed” because instead of being an outrage over a judicial decision, this was a pre-planned anarchy attack by a gaggle of racial arsonists, led in part by that “racial pimp”, Al Sharpton and other radical liberal and progressive groups.

Not only in Ferguson, but across the country, demonstrations took place after months of pre-planning, that regardless of what the grand jury decision was going to be, mayhem was going to happen. These “grievance goons” were using the white cop, black teenager confrontation as an excuse to commit mayhem around the country. Looting, vandalism, and criminal arson were all orchestrated by these “grievance goons”. What was the purpose other than fueling racial strife against the police and the public, and white people in general?

President Obama, who was not physically present in Ferguson, was in a secondary way responsible for the lawlessness that occurred. His actions during the 6 years he has been president, set the table for this outright breakdown of law and order. Starting with the Harvard professor, Louis Gates, incident in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida, and now the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, his passivity and wishy-washy attitude toward the events that had racial overtones, was conducive with what happened in Ferguson. In these cases, he was not color blind, as he seemed to side with the black persons involved, even if the facts didn't support that position. He was a racial divider not a racial uniter, as he once claimed to be.

His appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney-General has been a special disaster from the get-go. This Attorney-General has been a racial polarizer ever since he took the reins of the Justice Dept. By refusing to prosecute the New Black Panther thugs in the polling place in Philadelphia, by calling our country a bunch of “racial cowards”, and his constant reference to his past experiences of supposed racial harassment in his life, he has sent the wrong signal to the violence prone people in the black community. It's like he gave a wink and a nod to continue the agitation by the “grievance goons” to continue their actions.

Another factor in the moral fiber (or lack thereof) of our country, is that tax cheat, rabble rouser, and professional liar and racial agitator, Al Sharpton, has been given preferential access to the Oval Office on numerous occasions. Can you imagine if George W. Bush invited former KKK wizard and faux Republican, David Duke, to the Oval Office - all hell would've broken loose, and rightly so.

As of now, it looks like Obama will have a tough time leaving a positive legacy after he leaves the White House. Ferguson, along with his other scandals, will tarnish his place in history. He can't blame anyone (although he'll try) but himself for it is his exaggerated ego and brazen arrogance that is responsible for that void in his presidency.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Franklin Rose said...

It is very sad that our first African-American (a/k/a black, negro, person of color etc.) President will be judged in history as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, destructive, and divisive President ever. A man twice elected because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.

Sizzer said...

Can you imagine if Officer Wilson had a darker skin color & Michael Brown was White? This story would be buried so far in Obama's rear that only Reggie Love or someone in that position could read the report.