Thursday, October 30, 2014

MORT’s meandering

If you are thinking, ‘Crist’,
you are not thinking at all.

Crist loves the nation’s #1 Muslim, Obama – he really loves him. He
declares his love for Obama every chance he gets. He also loves Islam’s
$upport. He loves deviates, especially Democrat deviates. He loves to
wield political power and he surely loves the perks that go with being
Governor of Florida. He pretends to like blacks, Latinos and Jews but,
what he really loves about them, is their votes. So, he’s running his full
head of gorgeous white hair for the Governorship, again. Don’tcha get
it yet, folks?
What Crist loves most, is Crist.

Excuse me but, didn’t we already see this film – when Good ‘ol Charlie
Crist was Governor? And, precisely what did we get? Have we really
forgotten so soon how His Royal Laziness performed? Character?
Honesty? Integrity? Jobs? Economy? Industry? National Security?
Financial responsibility? Concern for Florida’s citizens? Whaaat?

Good ‘ol Charlie has proven that he is a habitual switch hitter. He
simply can’t help himself. He’s flip-flopped political parties. He’s flip-
flopped gender preference. He spins like a top. His concept of loyalty
starts and stops with that handsome, tanned image he sees when he
looks into his mirror. And, he looks into his mirror 24/7.

Were you actually thinking of voting for this self-centered, sophomoric
sop to vanity - to be the Governor of our wonderful sunshine State of


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Nurse Wilcox said...

Obama would be ecstatic if his two Lovers, Chris Christie & Charlie Crist, were Governors. Florida should break Obama's heart and stop Crist from being elected. It is just a matter of time until Christie comes out of the closet, as a Democrat.

Joe Patinelli said...

Charlie Crist has done more flip-flops than a short order cook at IHOP's. Not only is he a switch-hitter in politics, he is a switch-hitter in his personal life. He was a regular customer on the Wilton Manors social scene a few years ago, but he refuses to come out of the closet for obvious political reasons. Charlie Crist is the reason why God created the middle finger.