Thursday, July 3, 2014

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How to guarantee that a Letter-to-the-Editor
of the SunSentinel will not to be published.
The first thing to do of course, is to write the letter.  Then, in bold letters write: "If you see fit to make any editorial changes in this letter, it is to be withdrawn from consideration for publication."  That guarantees it will not be published because, where does a mere letter writer come off telling the august editors, not to edit?
Oh, and another thing - the 'editors' reserve the right to create the headline to the letter writer's submission.  That means the editor can put his/her connotation on someone else's letter.  I'm sure that in the heady world of editorialists, there are good and valid reasons for reserving this privilege.  The option of the letter writer is to work into the top of his letter, what would have otherwise been his headline or title.  
My unpublished letter was submitted the same day in response to the main editorial on the Opinion page of that day's issue of the SunSentinel. The author(s) of that column are never identified.  It could have been written by Rev. Wright for all we know.  
Here is what I wrote:
"The lead article in today's SunSentinel (6-26-2014) titled, 'Intolerance by Broward GOP hurts everyone', puts this paper in the position of speaking for 'everyone'.  Or did I misinterpret that headline?
Intolerance of opposing viewpoints seems to be just fine with the editorial writer(s) of the SunSentinel, even though those opposing viewpoints are guaranteed freedom of expression under tenets of The Constitution of the United States and in the First Amendment to that document. Intolerance is a hallmark of the Liberal-Progressive Left ideology and as the SunSentinel huff & puff editorialists see it, 'that's okay'.  Adding ignorance & arrogance to their skewed viewpoint, the S/S editors extend their intolerance to the Tea Party, in particular, the Tea Party of Ft. Lauderdale (TPFTL) and its co-founder, Danita Kilcullen.
You picked on the wrong girl this time, SunSentinels.  You've  lost, because principle trumps Fadism every time.  While some individuals who travel under the banner of the Broward Republican Party have chosen to proudly put their personal proclivities on display by marching or riding in The Gay Prude Parade, they do not represent the viewpoint of the greater majority of Republicans in Broward County.  I invite the SunSentinel to take an unbiased poll to prove otherwise.  
Grow up you little people. This is the USA, not Nigeria."

MORT KUFF   © 6-26-2014
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Vince Weiner said...

We are so blessed here in So. Florida with two great newspapers, the Sunni-Sentinel and the Palm Beach Compost. Each should have in their title the werds, "Voice of the Democratic National Committee". These papers would never be able to live down their reputations, but I see that they're doing their best.