Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

When I saw and heard Hillary Clinton being interview by Diane Sawyer, I thought I had tuned into Comedy Central. I heard her say, she and Bill had nothing when they entered the White House and were dead broke when they left.

Although Bill's salary as Governor of Arkansas was low in comparison to other states, they had free housing and other perks. Don't forget he and Hillary were lawyers, and lawyers are not known to make chump change. In fact Arkansas' First Lady status got her a seat on the board of directors at Wal-Mart and a lucrative salary at the Rose Law Firm, affording her connections to service banks. And then there was their shenanigans with White Water and Hillary's suspect cattle futures $100,00.00 killing.

Even if Bill's salary as president was $200,000.00 before they raised it to $400,000.00. he got $50,000.00 in a general account and $1,000,000.00 unanticipated need money. Don't forget free housing for eight years With expectations his pension will amount to $6,000,000.00 for eight years of work, investing in 2 multi-million dollar homes is not considered being broke.

Pres. Herbert Hoover never accepted any salary during his entire public life, and even paid his assistants out of his own pocket to supplement what he thought was too low a compensation for government workers. Pres. George W. Bush declined his pension. Unlike Barack and Hillary, Pres. Harry Truman and Bess didn't hood-win the people to become president, and they led very modest lives before fate loaded on his shoulders.

At the end of their tunnel was Independence, Missouri and the house they left to serve the country honorably. There were no six figure speaking fees, or acceptance of lucrative executive positions with corporate giants.

This modern day Lucrezzia Borgia and her straying husband played the office of the presidency for everything they could get out of it for themselves. It is their modus operandi in every endeavor they persue. Now Hillary wants to try for another turn at the White House, in case they missed something the first time around.

Judging by the way they handled their personal budget; dead broke before they finagled their windfall, do we want to trust the nation's economy with Hillary?

Conservative column from George Giftos

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