Thursday, July 10, 2014

SCOTUS and Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court made another unpopular decision for Liberals,
attested by the scathing dissent of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, speaking
for the other three nay voters on the court.

Contraception is a private matter and not the financial responsibility
of everybody else on the planet.

If medically there is reason for birth control, I have a novel idea
that doesn't cost a penny, or involve insurance companies or medical
plans. It's called "ABSTAIN!"

Why should my tax dollars and health plan premiums go up for
someone's careless recreation that may cause unwanted pregnancies?
Does the liberal logic also mandate I must pay to protect homosexual
activity that could cause disease, for health reasons?

Curbing many facets in the Affordable Care Act hasn't gone far enough,
so I consider playing golf conducive to my mental health. Why is it
not covered by Obamacare, and why under Liberal logic, shouldn't my
employer pay for my membership in a country club?

Conservative commentary from George Giftos


Bombs come in different forms

A good way for people to digest and understand a thing or situation is
to illustrate it as an example:

The Ford Motor Company spent over $400,000,000.00 to start a new
division back in 1957, introducing a new model auto named the Edsel,
 named afterClara and Henry Ford's only son, who passed away in 1943
 from stomachcancer. The division folded only after 3 years, turning out
 to be the greatest automobile industry's failure.

Obamacare is President Obama's Edsel. To implement this new division
 of government is costing just short of a billion dollars and growing. The
Ford Co. spent its own money to create and promote the Edsel, but this
administration is wasting our money, the America tax payer's money to
pay for and promote what is turning out to become a bigger bomb than
the Edsel.

Unlike the Edsel, there won't be any Obamacare remnants left to end up
in eBay.

Conservative commentary from George Giftos

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