Thursday, July 24, 2014

Illegal immigrants / Undocumented alien / Immigrants

A consumer is a person who shops in a store and pays for the
merchandise with cash, check, bank or credit card. A thief is a
person shoplifting, or paying for the merchandise with a rubber
check, or stolen identity.

A citizen can be a person who makes an appointment with his
or her doctor in advance, and payment is usually made through
an insurance plan. A person who entered the country illegally
makes no appointment, but utilizes emergency rooms and it is
paid for with the citizen's taxes.

A law abiding person waits patiently on line for his or her turn.
The lawless one wants to cut in ahead of the patient ones.

Many a metaphor can be made, but a rose is a rose and no
matter how it's labeled, those entering our country unlawfully
 are and always will be felonious intruders. The word "immigrant"
 is not in this equation.

Conservative article from George Giftos

Malaysian Airline Missile Downing

Not to worry. The President has everything under control.
He will be asking Congress to appropriate 1 billion dollars
to prop up the OBAMA DOCTRINE, for replenishing paint, to
insure we have enough for RED LINING, in anticipation
of another coming threat by a hostile regime.

An event like this is a distraction favorable to the President,
because it tends to move criticism from him and the main
stream media away from focusing on his countless scandals.
He is a man of principle and fortunately for his steadfast
zombies, nothing will deter him from his number one priority
of fund raising.

Conservative article from George Giftos

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