Thursday, July 17, 2014

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There has to be a special place in Hell.
    There has to be a special place in Hell for Obama and his string-pullers.
In the annals of history there has been an endless string of evil, vile and demented  Kings, Potentates, Pharoahs, Dictators, Premiers, Emperors, Sovereigns, Chancellors and a Fuhrer, that have murdered and pillaged unmercifully - and who have struck abject terror and paralyzing fear  into the hearts of millions and millions of unfortunate victims of their evil, over the course of recorded history.
There have even been a few tyrannical maniacs who called themselves, 'President'  - but until Barack Hussein Obama came along - none of them has  been  a President of the United States of America.  Now that is no longer true.  Now, it has happened.   Our  nation and its people are currently suffering under the yoke of this diabolical Muslim miscreant and the regime that has been created for him by his string-pullers.
The names of those string-pullers remain largely unknown because recent generations of the Fourth Estate - the news media, the press, reporters and journalists - have been woefully derelict in doing their traditional duty. They are a bunch of lazy bastards.
Googling 'The Fourth Estate' turns up some enlightening quotes:  "In the United States, the media is often called the fourth branch of government (or Fourth Estate) because it monitors the political process in order to ensure that political players don't abuse the democratic process."  Also, " . . because it plays such an important role in the fortunes of political candidates and issues."  Also,  " The influence of the mass media affects politics in the United States greatly.  The public's point of view is changed by the way the news is reported  (or, is not reported)."
Regarding news that has been ignored, avoided and criminally underreported by less than curious 'investigative reporters' -  is who Obama's string-pullers are - where, why and how they operate - and why they haven't had the light of truth focused upon them?
Obama and his string-pullers who have inflicted their intentionally destructive policies upon our formerly free nation and its, "Liberty for All", have already secured their special place in Hell.  I've just checked with the Reservations Department in Hell - and they've assured me that there is still plenty of room in 'that special place', for the entire Obama Administration, including Czars, racists and Liberal/Progressive voters - plus, the 'complicit media'.      The good news:   There's room for them all.
MORT KUFF  ©  7-15-2014

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Ray Rowland said...

You can always tell when Obama is lying......his lips are moving. By the way, here have tragedies all over the world and our esteemed "Liar in Chief" is out fund raising again. When is his next vacation, we're better off when he's not in the White House?

George G said...

Unfortunately your commentaries can never secure you a position as a journalist in today's media atmosphere, because you lack the Faustian requirement demanded by those who control the mainstream outlets.
Leave the prostitution for the ladies in the night and continue to maintain your integrity.