Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is There a Republican War on Women?

The old saying goes, if you repeat a lie often enough, pretty soon people will tend to believe it. So it is with the so-called Republican “War on Women”.

That phony attack seemed to work well in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections as women (mostly single women) voted for Barack Hussein Obama by a good margin, which some have said was his margin of victory. His campaign used that ploy to generate fear in the minds of many women (low information voters) that Mitt Romney and the Republicans were going to pass laws that were going to harm women, and by voting for Obama it would protect them from the “evil” Republicans.

Since the economy was still “in the tank” (and still is), and our country failing to lead the way internationally, what better way to divert attention than to harp on emotional social issues by using the made up chant of the Republican “War on Women”.

It seems the Democrats are “priming the pump” for this years off-year elections by using the same technique of diverting attention away from the main issues that confront us as a country, and by using the recently decided Hobby Lobby case as a means of diverting that attention.

The Democrats were prepared to initiate the assault on the Republicans even before the Supreme Court decision was handed down. They had ads and fund-raising letters ready to to be distributed before the decision, which, I presume, they knew, or had the inkling, that the decision would be against their position.

The Supreme Court's decision in favor of Hobby Lobby was predicated on the law passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton, called the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”, which they found backed up the owners of Hobby Lobby in their refusal to pay for something they felt was morally wrong from their religious standpoint. In fact, Hobby Lobby was already supplying their employees 16 out of the 20 forms of birth control approved by the government. They only refused to supply the 4 methods that aborted a fertilized egg after conception which they considered abortion and therefore, violated their religious belief.

The claim that the court (and the Republicans) was interfering with a woman's right to use contraception was and is a “red herring”. Nothing of the sort was decided by the Supreme Court.

Even, so-called presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, jumped on the band-wagon to denounce the court's decision, even though the court used the RFRA (the Clinton measure) as the basis for it's decision.

It seems like the Democrats prefer to campaign on the phony “War on Women” trope through the elections this November. Their goal, as I stated before, is to scare up flagging election interest among their “coalition of the ascendent” of minorities, young people, single women and affluent cultural liberals.

The bottom line is that there is “NO” war on women by the Republicans (or Conservatives), the war is in the minds of the desperate Democrats (and liberals and Progressives) who want to gin up their base of voters at election time to stem the tide of an apparent Republican landslide in November. Don't buy into this “War on Women” nonsense.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Phil Groth said...

You can see the Democrats campaign strategy for the fall, don't mention Obamacare, the lousy economy, our ludicrous foreign policy, and our national debt. Instead, bring up the social issues like the phony war on women, the G.O.P. taking away a woman's birth control(not), and the evil Supreme Court. It's all a diversionary tactic to appeal to the emotions of the "low information" voters. It worked in '08 and '12, but it won't work this year.