Sunday, September 2, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings


When our national security is compromised and the lives of our service men and women are needlessly put in harm’s way by leaks coming directly from the White House, the buck stops directly at the President’s desk in the Oval Office.

The responsibility for such egregious, treasonous acts and the blame for the resulting consequences, belong squarely on the shoulders of President Barack Hussein Obama.

There are not enough Depends on all the shelves of all the stores in this nation, to sop up the leaks that have come from the rear entrance of the Obama White House.

His shuck-and-jive response, including his mock outrage at the accusation that anyone in his entourage is capable of such treasonous treachery is tragically, typical of his Narcissistic responses to any finger pointed in his direction for any reason. This is the most irresponsible person ever to occupy the Office of the President. There is nothing to compare with damage he has done to this nation. It is astonishing that one hate- filled individual, albeit supported by an army of ultra-left leaning ideologues and clueless Obama cultists, can have so corrupted the three branches of the Federal Government in such short order.

Can anyone deny that Obama’s policies are conceived out of his total disdain for the Constitution of the United States and are designed to circumvent the tenets of that sacred document? Can there be any doubt that the majority of those who wore blinders when voting for this man, simply looked at the color of his skin rather than looking into the content of his character? (My apologies to the text of Rev. MLKing’s speech) And please, spare me the automatic charges of racism. No more virulent racist exists on the face of this globe than Barack Obama, unless it is his bothersome, meddlesome First Lady, Queen of lavish vacations and extravagant expenditures of our tax bucks.

Can anyone deny that our national debt, directly attributable to Obama’s unprecedented spending sprees benefiting his cronies and our enemies, is a burden from which we will never recover? Can anyone deny that his very visible hatred for our system of free- enterprise, our representative form of government and our strong military – sends him into orbit? His underhanded, Chicago street-thug manner of conducting the nation’s affairs, has turned the Office of the President into a vile den of corruption and viciously vindictive retaliation against all opposing viewpoints. He is unbelievably inept at dealing with any of the real problems that must be dealt with at the Presidential level.

Since he is so totally bereft of real-life experience at anything other than running his mouth, it is understandable that he is so transparently reluctant to directly confront real problems. His immediate response to every problem is to create a straw-man that he can blame plus, throw in a few natural disasters. And of course, he never forgets to hark back to America’s original sin, that of electing George W. Bush. ‘W’ is of course, Obama’s default culprit-of-choice. How superbly convenient for the ‘Inept One’.

Obama’s entire bag of tricks was originated by Karl Marx and passed on to sponge- head Barack by Sol Alinsky. He knows nothing beyond the failed ideology of Marxism and the street-thug techniques for creating chaos that he learned as a Community Organizer in Chicago. Sadly, that is the totality of experience that can be expected from this square peg in a round hole. Can anyone in his right mind vote for four more years of this insanity? I guess it all ‘Depends’ on whose leaks you believe?


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Carl Winton said...

Did you notice that the Democratic surrogates on the Sunday talk shows, couldn't answer the question of whether we are better off today, as a country, than we were 4 years ago? After blaming Bush and giving us some rose-clored responses about all the wonderful things that have happened to our economy, they said that they need more time to finish the job. One might then add, that the job they are referring to is the total destruction of the once most powerful economy in the world. Karl Marx couldn't have done a better job of destuction than what Obama has done. We've got to be nuts to vote for 4 more years of Obama.

Ed Bender said...

Hey Mort,
Tell us what you REALLY think! Great job! I will say, however, that we are about to witness an entire convention that will keep trying to sell us on the "achievements" of the current president. My personal angst comes from the realization that we have nobody in Congress with the guts to begin the impeachment process for the high treason you've described. Nobody.