Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Thoughts

While the Democratic convention drew to a close, I had a few personal random thoughts about it. First, after listening to some of the people chosen to mount the podium and let loose with their guttural critique of Republicans and conservatives, I conclude that the "D" in DNC really stands for despair.

One of the biggies for them to boast about, was President Obama ending the war in Iraq. This may be true sort of, but in no way can they claim he won it. It gives him time to focus away from his dismal handling of the economy, to cook up the fictitious war Republicans are waging against women and their rights.

I haven't discovered any deprivations. What I see is, they being against tax payer money financing irresponsible indisgressions, leading to healthy, pre-infant deaths by abortion. Four years of President Obama's cul-de-sac leadership has gotten us nowhere, with no exit from his sixteen trillion dollar debt. Explaining Joe Biden's foot in the mouth disease, they say, it's because he speaks from the heart. I suggest he get a cardiogram, for skipping a few beats.

Biden can't be blamed for the latest liberal gaff of omitting God in the Democratic platform. No matter how they spin it, it was deliberate. Obama does not take lightly, nor tolerate competition. There can only be but one flawless one, who has never made a mistake, and it cannot be God. After all, who should we blame for creating liberal Democrats?

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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1 comment:

Bill Rouse said...

These Obama Zombies are living proof that manure can grow arms and legs. I can't wait for Romney to mop the floor in the debates with Obama who'll be performing without his trusted teleprompter. The debates will show that Obama has a nasty speech impediment - his foot.