Thursday, September 27, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Barack Hussein Obama: “Racist-in-Chief”.

President Obama has addressed a group called, “African-Americans for Obama”, with no negative coverage by the mainstream media. None.

Can you imagine the ruckus that would be raised in the media if Mitt Romney were to address a group called, “White-Americans for Romney”? The news biz would explode.

Mr. President, how dare you intentionally divide this nation into groups, pitting one group against another, all the while being truly loyal to nothing or no one except your own re-election? Well Sir, got a bit of news for you – YOU are the “Racist-in-Chief”.

Don’t think for a moment that we don’t get it – we do! And, we don’t need or want your brand of racism and thuggish community organizing crap in our country. You’ve done your best to destroy this nation, our free-enterprise system, our Liberty and our very freedoms. You didn’t lack for trying but, you failed!

Your economic bail-out policies failed. Your suck-up to the Islamist in the Middle East has back-fired and failed. Your non-stop ego-maniacal rhetoric has failed. Your personal charm has failed. Your Hope & Change crap has failed – fundamentally.

Your appointed sicko-phant Czars have failed. Your Socialist / Marxist edicts have failed. Your Obamacare lunacy is failing and will soon punctuate your political demise.

There has been no evidence of real leadership out of the Oval Office since Day One. That’s because you don’t possess any qualities of leadership. You are a dud and a coward. However, your efforts to alienate our long-time allies have succeeded – gotta give you that one.

You are finally learning that your delusional self-appraisal of your ability to win over friend & foe alike with just your gift of gab, was woefully mistaken. You are viewed as a ‘weak horse’ in the Middle East – and, as a pitifully inept buffoon, throughout the rest of the world.

You are learning, painfully I’m certain, that your vaunted personal charm and highly- touted communications skills are just about as significant as a fart in a Force3 wind. I realize that might come as a shock but, I thought you ought to know.

Your egregious disrespect for our Constitution, our Founding Fathers, our nation’s flag, our active military and our veterans, our way of life and the very principles upon which this nation was founded some 236 years ago, is as traitorous as it is disgusting.

Your entire presidency has been an exercise in Taquiyya. You are familiar with that term aren’t you Mr. President? It is a basic tenet of your Muslim upbringing in the ways of Islam. And, you have made it quite clear that in any given conflict with Islam and the American way of life, you will come down on the side of Islam. And, that’s okay. We simply wanted to let you know that you aren’t fooling some of us, any more. You’ve made it crystal clear where you are coming from and what you are all about.

Your ploy of declaring yourself to be a Christian is a perfect example of your Taquiyya tactics. You do realize of course, that yours will be one of the first heads lopped off when your pals from the Muslim Brotherhood take over. They don’t easily forgive that kinda stuff. Like meter maids in this country, the members of the Muslim Brotherhood have certain quotas to fill if they expect to be admitted to Islam heaven. So, don’t be too surprised when they come for you and the other Christians, at the same time they come for the Jews.

All in all Sir, I’d say that you’ve done a pretty good job of mucking things up.

I wish you the best. I hope you’ll find happiness with your quota of 79-year old virgins – that is, if there are any left by the time you get to wherever in Hell you are going.

MORT KUFF, Boynton Beach, FL

Natural-born citizen of the United States and WWII U.S.Navy veteran (1944-1946)

And, as you might have already guessed, Sir . . . I’m a proud Conservative, Jewish- American who happens to be a white guy with absolutely not one iota of prejudice against any legal citizen residing in these United States.

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Anonymous said...

The people hired Obama in 2008 because he was black, they must now fire him in 2012 because he is useless.