Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can We Afford Four More Years of the Obama’s?

Never, in our history, have we had a president and first lady who looked upon the presidency as their own personal piggybank or cash cow.

The President and the First Lady have lived a very cavalier lifestyle during his first term, all at the expense of the taxpayers whom Obama constantly preaches the virtue of frugality to. These people seem to have no shame. They jet from city to city and country to country, all the while scolding the wealthy for not paying their fair share and condemning them for using their private jets. He chastises the rich while he attends $40,000 a plate fund raisers attended by the same people he is constantly railing against. How can these “fat cat” donors stand the hypocrisy of this fraud in the White House?

Since he spends less time in the Oval Office than any other previous president, he seems to find time to play his almost weekly round(s) of golf. In fact, he had played more golf in less than two years in office than Bush did during his entire eight years. As of today, he has played over 105 rounds of golf and counting. Does he call that sacrificing during an economic downturn? It seems that he needs the relaxation due the demands of his exhausting fund raising. It seems like he is doing the work of three men - Larry, Curly, and Moe.

To put salt into the wounds, the Obama’s take about three vacations each year and his wife also takes separate vacations with her family and friends in tow to exotic places like Spain and Vail, Colorado etc. Another blatant disregard for the taxpayers, is the time, this past March, that his 13 year old daughter, Malia, along with 12 of her friends, went on a spring break vacation to Oaxaca, Mexico, a country, by the way, that is on the State Dep’t.’s warning list of unsafe places to go to. A total of 25 Secret Service agents went along for protection. I’m sure some of the millions of unemployed citizens could’ve used some of the money spent on this luxury vacation for a 13 year old girl? A frantic effort on the part of the White House to attempt to scrub the Internet of stories was pursued with vigor, with some results at suppression. Can you imagine if one of Bush’s daughters did the same thing? The media would’ve been apoplectic in their faux outrage against the “evil” George Bush.

In addition to this total disregard of using the taxpayers money for personal selfish needs, the Obama’s seem to have an addiction for hosting parties in the White House for their rich and famous Hollywood “fat cat” friends and multi-millionaire sports stars, in all the sports, especially basketball stars (could it be that most of them are black? Just asking).

The arrogance of our “Campaigner in Chief” and his wife seems to carry no sense of abusing the entitlements of the Office of President. When Michelle (or is it Moochelle?) went to So. Africa with her daughters, they listed the daughters as “senior staff” in order to justify the expense of bringing them along on the trip. Isn’t that an example of blatant arrogance?

It seems that the Obama’s have no shame about spending the taxpayers money whenever they have the whim about taking a trip to some exotic location around the world. It seems that they feel they are entitled to be treated like royalty even if his job is that of just the President.


Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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George Olson said...

I can see why the Obama's are advocating having us become an entitlement society because they feel they are entitled to live large on the taxpayer's dime. The pejorative name of "Moochelle" (Michelle) seems to fit the lifestyle of our imperial first family quite accurately.