Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is There a Republican “War on Women“?

As the Democrats try to shift emphasis from discussing the economy and jobs, you hear the baneful cry from the Democrats that the Republicans are engaging in a “war on women”. Is that charge true?

Is that ploy really on the radar of the average voter, especially the woman voter? Why are such powerful women such as Condolezza Rice, Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico, Gov. Nikki Haley of So. Carolina, Mayor Mia Love of Utah, Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, etc. all standing with such a terrible “evil” party who hold women in such disdain? This phony issue is being used by the Obama campaign, run by his political thugs in Chicago, as a diversion to hide from the pitiful record of Obama and the Democrats.

Can you imagine that honorable men and dutiful husbands like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, should be vilified as being antagonistic toward women when their own personal lives portray just the opposite? Why is all this pandering to “women’s issues” by Obama and Democrats - and that those issues are almost all tied to sex or reproduction? That women may worry about taxation, terrorism, government spending, jobs, or other “men’s issues” is apparently inconceivable to those liberal loons. How condescending is that?

Who did Democrats trot out to justify their misguided policies? Well, at their recently concluded national convention, they recruited former President Bill Clinton to speak for Obama and the Democrats. What better choice to counteract this mythical “War on Women” than to have a serial woman abuser and sexual harasser to be venerated as a principal speaker and a moral spokesman for the party, while they condemn the Republicans as putting women down. It seems they have a “selective outrage” when it comes to who can abuse women and still be held in high esteem. Do they forgive Clinton’s anti-woman indiscretions because he favors unfettered abortion on demand? Would their “war on women” become moot if both Romney/Ryan were unconditionally in favor of abortion?

To double-down on their fervor to condemn both Romney/Ryan, they also trotted out that professional woman activist/feminist student, Sandra Fluke, to expand on the proposition that Republicans are viciously anti-woman, mainly because they won’t back up her demand to get birth control from her Catholic university so she can continue her randy lifestyle activities without getting pregnant. What does that attack have to do with creating jobs or improving a moribund economy? It is all “smoke and mirrors” in their over the top attempt to divert attention away from their disastrous handling of our economy. Pandering to women by scaring them into thinking that Republicans want to harm them, is despicable as well as irresponsible, and by fueling animus among many women who don’t buy into this phony “snake oil” proposition called a “War on Women”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Marvin Schrader said...

Too bad for the Democrats, that there is no vaccine against stupidity. Most all these crazed Democrats worship at the altar of abortion and will overlook any indiscretion on the part of a fellow traveler against women, if that person toes the line that abortion is okay in all circumstances. That's why they overlook a woman abuser like Slick Willie Clinton and venerate him even though he's an admitted abuser and an adulterer. Shame on these hypocrite Democrats.

George G. said...

Your comments and Kathy Holthausen's piece on the subject.
were far superior to anything the
so called professional pundits have to offer. They should find a posting with wide national exposure, so that even Liberals can see how rediculous the phony
republican war on women is.