Thursday, September 13, 2012

Democratic National Convention - 2012

If there ever was a misnomer, that’s it. A convention of Democrats is not a ‘Democratic’ convention. The recent gathering in Charlotte proved that, if nothing else.

What the world witnessed on TV - that is, those who had the stomach to watch it, knowing full well what was in store for them – was an absolute train wreck.

An assortment of 20,000 delusional Democrats came in from the rain, only to be pissed on from the podium by a series of unhinged speakers spouting lies, pie-in-the-sky promises and endless empty rhetoric, complete with histrionics.

As was bloviated non-stop by the Democrat hosts, the venue was changed from a huge outdoor facility holding 60,000 people, to an indoor facility with a capacity of 20,000. The reason ostensibly, was concern for the safety of attendees in the event of inclement weather. The obvious truth was that when the planners of this love fest realized that they wouldn’t be able to fill all those seats with loyal jackasses, they downsized the venue. That way, it would appear that they were being sensitive to safety concerns despite the necessity of turning away overflow crowds of jackasses that they simply couldn’t accommodate. How convenient. How neat.

One terribly disastrous consequence of this judicious down-sizing, was that one of the most highly anticipated features of any Democrat Convention, the Great Balloon Drop, wouldn’t punctuate the closing ceremony. Just not enough time to have all those balloons filled with inert gas. For a Party that is so ‘green’ and so loudly dedicated to preserving the atmosphere, it would seem a perfect opportunity to lead by example by harnessing the millions of cubic yards of hot air that would be emanating from the podium during the build-up to Obama’s acceptance speech. That amount of heated ozone could fill all the balloons in North Carolina. Biden’s speech alone could have done that. Plus, the volume of hot air produced by Clinton’s endless droning of egoistic blabber could have filled four Goodyear blimps with some to spare. Missed opportunity.

This chaotic convening of conflicted jackasses provided all the proof necessary, that four more years of this kind of knee-jerk, shoot-from-the-hip mismanagement of our nation’s affairs would drive the final nail into the coffin containing our freedom. John Sununu put it quite succinctly when he opined, “This administration couldn’t manage a one-car funeral.” I for one, am not going to give them that chance. We’ve seen what Obama’s Hope & Change was and is really all about – it is the planned destruction of our free-enterprise system and its replacement with a tyrannical ‘we know better than you do’ system of, ‘All Government, All the time’. Attention Democrat jackasses and other racists in America: Do you really want to vote for the demise of our country?

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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Art Brown said...

I got the feeling that every speaker at the Dem convention were brought up as poor as church mice, but through hard work and perserverance by their families, they made it through to become successful in life. It seems like these stories should have been spoken at the Republican convention, who do appreciate individual initiative. The Dems now are touting, not individual initiative, but dependence on the government for survival, the total opposite of what their families faced and overcame, according to their "feel good" stories fro the podium.
It seems that the whole tone of the Dem convention was, if you can't convince them, confuse them. And they succeeded.

GG said...

Hey Mort,
Don't you know how to write a lousy
Good show!