Monday, October 17, 2011

Anti-Semitism Is On The Rise

Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Our president and his administration are aiding and abetting it with their solidarity with the Palestinians and tolerance of the intolerance of the Islamic Fascists in the Islamic Brotherhood. Those two organizations, admittedly, are dedicated to the destruction of Israel and our Western Civilization. It is rather puzzling to find that our Jewish Brethren, who have collectively suffered more than any ethnic group when power becomes absolute in the hands of one man, highly support this president and his administration. Their cry of “never again” has become very weak. Aren’t they aware of the power being accumulated by this president? Where is the outcry when the president bypasses Congress and governs by fiat and executive order? He ignores the Iranian protestors but invades Libya without Congressional approval. He usurps the role of our Supreme Court and declares the Defense of Marriage Act “unconstitutional”. Did we
elect a dictator or a president?

Examine the deeds. At one time it was against the law to be a member of the Communist
Party. This president had two, Mark Lloyd and Van Jones, occupy important positions in the White House. No wonder we hear about distribution of wealth and giving the central government all excess of what we need to live. Those are Marxist ideas. In addition to Communists in the White House some of Obama’s other appointees are highly suspect. His list of czars reveals some backgrounds that would have aroused serious questions had they gone through the confirmation process.

Rashad Hussain, whom he appointed as ambassador to the 57 member Organization of
Islam Conference, was a supporter of Sami-Al Arian. That Academic pled guilty and was
convicted of supplying material support to a terrorist organization. Hussain first accused our government of persecution in its prosecution. Then later he denied that he said it, attributing the words to Arian’s daughter. Obama’s White House backed his statement and the first admission was redacted from a report. When Hussain admitted that the first report was the truthful one, the White House allowed its version to stand. There are unanswered questions about Hussain’s connections to the Islamic Brotherhood.

His appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General was imprudent from the beginning
as Holder was instrumental in the Clinton Pardon of Marc Rich. What makes it further
suspect was the donation given to the Clinton Library by Denise Rich after or before
the pardon. Holder has refused to prosecute the new Black Panther party for voter
intimidation in Philadelphia when it had prima facie evidence on tape. He will prosecute the state of Arizona however for enforcing a federal law against illegal immigration.

Now he is prosecuting Gibson Guitar Co. in Tennessee, a Republican contributor, for
using certain exotic woods. The same woods, by the way, are used with impunity by
other guitar companies who happen to be Democratic supporters. Now Congress is
investigating the Department of Justice for its operation ”fast and furious.”

Our president is certainly providing some juicy controversies for the media to exploit. Lucky for him, most of them are ignoring them.

Conservative Commentary by Michael D’Angelo
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Jim Farino said...

This group of Marxist/Socialists in the White House will go down as one of the most corrupt administrations in history. As Chuck once said, this is, "Chicago on the Potomac" and they operate just like the the Chicago Democratic machine. Graft, payoffs, kick-backs, intimidation are all part of this motley crew in the White House, and if you criticize them, you are called a racist. Shame on them and their supporters for their hypocrisy.

Orlando Insurance said...

obama was the biggest recipient of wall street money ever. Yet the MSM gives him a pass on that and Anti-Semitism