Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eric Holder is in Trouble

Dear Editor,

Most adults become immune to the lies that politicians tell us. However, some lies are not to be forgiven, and America’s Attorney General has foist a “doozey” upon us.

Eric holder, with apparent concurrence of The White House, helped launch a “sting” in 2009 whereby The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives encouraged the sale of almost 2,000 weapons to the Mexican drug cartel. It was hoped that these guns would be used in the drug war there, be found by the FBI and exposed as "smuggled" from America. This would embarrass the gun lobby here and bring public pressure to bear to curtail gun sales, a goal of this administration.

Unfortunately for the genii in Mr. Holder’s Justice Department, two Americans were killed by these guns as well as 200 Mexicans, which prompted investigations led by Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Darrel Issa. The scheme, dubbed “Fast and Furious”, was initiated in 2009, the killings occurred in 2010, at which point The White House and Justice began what must be termed a cover up. As expected, the mainstream media abetted the administration’s cause by giving this matter little or no coverage.

Attorney General Holder is directly responsible for ATF but has professed ignorance of the sting. In May 2011 he testified under oath before congress and indicated his learning of Fast and Furious “within recent weeks”. Unfortunately for him, email records obtained by CBS News contravene his testimony indicating a much earlier knowledge of the scheme. It seems Mr. Holder was as ignorant of the sting as was Richard Nixon of his White house tapes. For this lie Eric Holder deserves to be indicted; he is not above the law.

The real question, then, is what Eric Holder’s boss, President Obama, knew of these matters and when. The administration Is doing all it can to keep the media at bay and the media, which swoons for Obama, has reciprocated with minimal coverage. What America needs now is a modern day Woodward-Bernstein to flush out the facts.

Conservative Commentary by Richard Klitzberg

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Ed Marberry said...

Remember, it's never the crime that mainly gets you in trouble, it is the cover up. Can you imagine, the the head of the Justice Dep't. not knowing that a deadly scheme of selling guns to Mexican drug cartels was in progress? He is even more incompetent than we actually thought by his previous actions. What a disgrace to have Eric Holder as our chief law enforcement offcer. He should resign along with his boss, Barack Hussein Obama.

Fort Lauderdale Insurance said...

Ed is spot on. There is an excellent Book out that proves Holder's DOJ is dirty.