Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clear as Night and Day

As an observer I notice vast differences between Conservatives, left leaning Liberals and those labeled Tea Party.

Liberal demonstrations bring out some legitimate participants, but most of the ranks
are filled with what appears to be professionals that travel from one venue to another, where ever their financial backers like George Soros's Moving On orders them. To increase the count, public service union members are enlisted along with the SEIU who outnumber the legitimate protesters. Personal hygiene and grooming doesn't seem to be a priority for many of them. They look so grimy you'd think they were Michael Moore's offspring.

Disorder and disruption is what they bring, like the rabble who stormed the Bastille and reign of terror. After their activities, it takes an army of men and a fleet of sanitation trucks to clean up the mess they leave.

Few are dedicated to a real cause and many are there hired for mischief, to provoke law enforcement and make them look bad. Having missed out on the 60's, it's their 21st century urban Woodstock. The liberal left media loves to champion their cause, to give credibility and sympathy to these low life, unemployed by choice outcasts, who cost time and money for the middle class workers, by disrupting their schedule and preventing access to their place of employment.

In contrast, I never hear of any arrests or profane signs and acts if any, when the Tea Party or Conservatives demonstrate. I separate them, because Tea Party members come from the broad spectrum of American life. Scan the crowd and many could have posed for the cover in the Saturday Evening Post, whereas the, "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators look like they came from a police line up.

You can bet there is no need to recruit overtime sanitation workers to clean up any mess they might have left, because there is none. The Liberal left Democrats, jealous of Tea Party success are trying to equate these dirt bags to their own type Tea Party. Wrong! They want more government, more regulation, more entitlements, more spending, more taxes and more money redistributed to them from the toils of the productive. Tea Party and most conservatives are a 180 from these demands.

The legitimate protest has been taken over by self-interest organizations, anarchists, stoned slackers, public service unions with endorsements by notorious characters like Hugo Chavez, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, the American Nazi and American Communist parties, overshadowing unscrupulous board rooms.

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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BobPhillips said...

The left is trying its damnedest to equate the Tea Party with the Flea Party (the OWS freaks), but it just won't fly. Already the various OWS protests are starting to get violent and arrests have been made. Compare that with the Tea Party rallies where zero arrests were made and places where they rallied were left as clean as they found them. Besides, the Tea Party protesters came with their own signs and they took baths. No comparison at all.

Boca Raton Homes Guide said...

Occupy Wall Street protesters composed of Obama supporters Labor thugs and uneducated sheeple.