Monday, October 3, 2011

Vote for a Living?

I came across a quote from some clever person who stated; “The problems we face today are there because the people who “work” for a living are outnumbered by those who “vote” for a living”. Think about that for a moment, why do most federal and state government employees vote for the Democrats at election time? Since Democrats want to expand the size of government thereby creating more government jobs, it is in their self-interest to vote for the politicians from the party who will continue to spend taxpayer money to help them in their jobs. As a result, government and unions are tied at the hip with the Democrat Party - thereby giving the Democrats a steady supply of campaign workers and more than ample supply of union campaign funds (Upwards of 95% of their political campaign funds go to the Democrats).

This unholy alliance between the government employee unions and elected government officials (mostly Democrats) has caused many cities and states to be on the verge of bankruptcy, if not already there at the present time. The “real” employers, we the taxpayers, have practically no say in who (also what, when, or where) gets hired and compensated in a government job. Look around the country today, what cities and states are in financial jeopardy? Chances are they are all run by Democrats who have generally given government workers excessive amounts of pay and benefits which have, as a result, pushed the cities and states to the brink of financial disaster and ruin.

When the regular taxpayers and privately employed citizens get enough of the “sweetheart” arrangement between government and labor and vote in a Republican governor or mayor, that is when the trouble arises when these newly elected reformers try to act financially responsible and try to rein in these bloated contracts entered into by the previous self-serving politicians and union leaders.

Look at what has happened over the past year. Republican governors in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, and even the newly elected Democrat governor of New York, have all come under intense fire by trying to do the right thing financially to get their cities and states back from the brink. The demagoguery and vilification of these newly elected leaders has been merciless, but already the “cuts” presented and passed by these victors in last Novembers elections, are already paying dividends for these officials, and the cities and states they represent.

The “Nanny State” which the Democrats believe in, must be reined in in order for us , as a country, to continue to be the pre-eminent country in the world. The entitlement mentality on the part of those in power, espousing their policy of “income redistribution” and trying to emulate the European socialist countries who are on the cusp of going over the financial cliff, must not be allowed to be voted back into office.

Yes, the people who “work” for a living are fed up and “won't take it anymore”, and the people who “vote” for a living are finally meeting their match, mainly from the likes of the Tea Party. Let's hope this energy carries over to the elections of 2012.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Tallahassee Insurance said...

Look at Michigan and the screaming for a recall on the Republican Governor. The “Entitled” are so scared they may have to work for that GUVment Check. Where is it written in the Constitution that some Idiot can have six kids and expect those of us who work 10 hours a day to pay for those kids? As long as the Dems keep promising handouts for free, they will have their Voters

Victoria’s Secret said...

Right on Chuck! The People who “Work for Living” are hammered with hundreds of Regulations from the current Administration. Then they turn around and want MORE money from Small Businesses

Joe Malone said...

Is it too much to ask government workers to "kick in" some money for their ample fringe benefits? Since gov't. bureaucrats are not spending their own money, why do they care what they give to the people (gov't. workers) who will help them retain power or help them get re-elected? We've got to rein in the size of government, otherwise we are going to become another Greece, Spain or Italy.