Monday, October 31, 2011

Nobody Asked Me , but......! Part 6

  • Did all the women who have gotten tattoos in some very intimate places ever think what those tattoos might look like in 30-40 years when the body starts to sag?
  • Why, if you criticize Pres. Obama, the liberals call you a racist, but if they criticize Herman Cain or Allen West, it is legitimate criticism with no racial overtones?
  • How come the far left liberals rant and rave about ending the death penalty, but never complain about killing babies during a late-term abortion?
  • Why is Eric Holder still Attorney General?
  • How much of the “Stimulus” money payouts went to “pay back” Obama campaign contributors?
  • How come Al Gore bought property on the Pacific coastline after he predicted that the “melting icecaps” would raise sea levels by 20 feet, thereby flooding the coastline?
  • Why is it O.K. to give preferential in-state tuition to illegals, but not to legal American citizens?
  • Why, since Solyndra Corp. went bankrupt, were the stockholders given preference over the taxpayers in distribution of assets in bankruptcy when the taxpayers gave the company a $½ billion loan guarantee? By the way, wasn't the largest stockholder in Solyndra, George Kaiser, a big Obama campaign bundler?
  • Why do we spend billions of dollars each year for energy from foreign countries, when we have the largest reserve of natural gas, oil, and coal in the world right here in our own territory?
  • If George Bush were President now during these perilous economic times, would the liberals (a/k/a Progressives) be claiming the economy was as great as they say it is doing now under Obama?
  • What President was in office when our annual deficit reached $1.5 trillion, when at the beginning of his presidency the total debt was $9.8 trillion and now after almost three years the debt is over $14.5 trillion and counting, and who was president when our credit rating was lowered from AAA for the first time in our history? Could that president be Barack Hussein Obama?
  • Why does President Obama refuse to let the “Voucher School” program continue in Wash. D.C. for 1,500 inner city students who live in public housing, when he sends his own children to a private school instead of enrolling them in the same schools that those 1,500 students must now attend, even though he also lives in public housing, the White House. Would you call that hypocrisy in practice?
  • How can the mainstream media continue to attempt to equate as equals the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters and the the “Tea Party”, when the two groups are polar opposites in how they petition the government to air their grievances? Which one causes civil disruption and police confrontation, and the other assembles peacefully, with no arrests, and cleans up after their rallies. I wonder who is who?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Distressed Commercial Real Estate said...

Could another President support Thugs who throw bottles & rocks at Police and not be impeached? Could another Prez not be impeached for starting wars without Congress Approval?

Don Medland said...

Why did black farmers (some of whom never even grew a crop) get a total of $1.25 billion to distribute as "reparations" for past discrimination by the Agriculture Dep't.? The census claims there are no more than 20,000 black farmers in the whole country, but there are 68,000 black "farmers" eligible for payments of $50,000 and more in reparations. The senator pushing this bill was none other than Barack Hussein Obama back in 2007.Is that a payoff to his most faithful constituents? He didn't come from Chicago for nothing.