Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Generally, it is not proper to condemn people by whom they are friends with or who they are associated with – that is called “guilt by association” – but if the evidence shows that most all your friends and associates are known radicals, anti-Semites, anti-White rabble-rousers, then you might be able to connect the dots and raise questions about that person’s character and integrity. So it is with President Barack Hussein Obama.

From his early life on, Obama gravitated to people who had radical ideas and he seems to have learned his “lessons” well. His early educational experience was in Indonesian schools where he prayed and embraced the Muslim religion (his father was a Muslim as was his step-father). When he moved to Hawaii with his radical, atheist mother to live and be brought up by his left-leaning grandparents, he hooked up with a friend of the family by the name of Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed communist and a suspected pedophile. Obama said that he considered Davis to be his mentor during those teen years in Hawaii.

When Obama moved to the States for further education at Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard law school, he said in his best-selling book, “Dreams of My Father” that he purposely associated mainly with the radical students and professors on campus. He also came to be exposed to the writings of Saul Alinsky, the father of Community Organizing who wrote the book, “Rules for Radicals”. Through the teachings of Alinsky, Obama became a Community Organizer in Chicago, using the rules laid out by Alinsky in his book (Alinsky died in 1972).

Once Obama became interested in getting involved in politics in Chicago, where he moved to after law school at Harvard, he got a big boost from an admitted domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, who held a “get-to-know the candidate” fund raising event in their home. This started the political career of Barack Hussein Obama, who eventually would become President.

When Obama needed a boost to get recognized and known in the community, he decided to join the church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, of Trinity United Church. Rev. Wright baptized Obama and his family and Obama said he considered Wright as a mentor during those years. Obama was a member of Wright’s church for over 20 years and listened to the radical sermons based on the “Black Liberation Theology” espoused by Wright. His acerbic sermons were virulently anti-White, anti-Semitic, and anti-Capitalism. Only months before the presidential election of 2008, Obama resigned from the church due to all the bad publicity Rev. Wright generated by his words and actions. Obama, during this time, also befriended the radical catholic priest, Rev. Michael Pfleger; the leader of the Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, who also was an anti-White, anti-Semitic bigot; Tony Rezko, who became a convicted felon after he helped Obama purchase his home in Chicago; and Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago mover and shaker who was a well known slumlord in the community that Obama was once a Community Organizer. There doesn’t seem to be any people, from his Chicago connection, who weren’t radicals or didn’t hold radical ideas in his immediate circle of friends. Rod Blagojevich, the disgraced former Governor of Illinois, was also a buddy of Obama as he was part of the Chicago political machine.

Once he became President, he appointed two Chicago machine politicians whom he appointed as his closest advisors, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, both were lobbyists which Obama said, during the campaign, he would not appoint in his administration. As he set about setting up his Administration, he appointed many Czars who also had extensive radical ideas and connections. Here is a partial list of some of these appointments. Ron Bloom (Car Czar) an auto union worker who is anti business and anti nuclear; Lynn Rosenthal (Domestic Violence Czar), a vicious anti-male feminist who supports male castration; Carol Browner (Energy and Environmental Czar) an admitted Socialist and anti-gun advocate; Van Jones (Green Jobs Czar – since withdrawn), a black activist member of the American Communist Party; Cass Sunstein (Regulatory Czar), who wants to limit free speech, and was an activist judge; John Holdren (Science Czar), a militant environmentalist who has no science training; Adolpho Carrion Jr. (Urban Affairs Czar) a Puerto Rican slumlord from the Bronx and a hostile critic of the U.S.; Jeffrey Crowley (Aids Czar), radical homosexual and gay rights activist; Gary Samore (WMD Policy Czar), a former U.S. Communist who wants the U.S. to unilaterally disarm, and many more Czars too numerous to mention.

Do you see a pattern here? Is this guilt by association? Is it unfair to imply that you could judge a man’s character by the friends he associates with? You make the call!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Jim Ambrosio said...

If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be duck. So it is with Barack Hussein Obama. He'll look you in the eye and tell you what you want to hear and then behind your back he'll do just the opposite. He's a typical two-faced politician who is caught up in the trappings of the office of President and to hell with everything else. With friends like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Andy Stern (former head of S.E.I.U.), who needs enemies? What a gaggle of anti-American ingrates and these people are running our country. SHAME!

Carlson the Conservative said...

Do 52% of Voters have no shame? They vote for someone who sat in a Racist Church for 20 years.

Maureen L. said...

Have Al Sharpton or Jesse Michael Jackson ever apologized to the Duke Guys for the lies about Rape?
This White House is the most racist in our lifetime!