Friday, July 10, 2009

Costs of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars 2001 to 2009

My liberal friends constantly bring up the false comparison that if we didn't have to fund the war in Iraq, we would have more money to fund many more social programs (which the left is enamoured with and which makes them "feel good" to be so benevolent with the taxpayers money, not their own).
I have compiled a breakdown as to how much money we have spent to conduct the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan and compare that with what the Obama Administration will spend in just one year.
The phony charge that the left accuses President Bush of spending money like a drunken Cowboy, is not justified by the facts. Yes, Bush should have been more fiscally conservative during his presidency, but to compare him to the "Anointed One" is ludicrous. Since the Afghan War (2001) and the Iraq War (2003) were started, we will have spent a total of $907 billion up till the end of 2009. Compare that to the $1.6 trillion deficit that Obama will have just run up in one year, and you can see that our total expenditure on the war is $800 billion less than what Obama will have spent over and above the budget in just one year. So much for fiscal responsibility and so much that our fiscal woes are all the fault of George W. Bush. Bush was a piker as compared to the Messiah (a/k/a Pres. Barack Hussein Obama). I can feel "buyers remorse" already setting in among many of the Obama supporters as the ramifications of his policies are starting to set in and people see that the "change" they voted for is not the "change" they are getting. The change they see being implimented is right out of the Saul Alinsky and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright handbooks and it is not what the average American wants. Contact your elected representatives and tell them that we don't want America to become a third-rate power by slowly scuttling our economic system that has made us the pre-eminent power and the envy of the world.
God bless America!
Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Debra said...

I have a hard time when I consider how it is possible Obama is accomplishing what he is presently doing EXCEPT for the "shiny things" he is blinding so many of his followers with. Get ready for high taxes next to pay for Obama and his wife's $1000 hand bags.

Jerry said...

Obama's trillions dwarf Bush's spending. Even die hard, liberals on the run are scared of Obama

Anonymous said...

Under Obama, the national debt and the interest payments will increase at a far faster rate than during the Bush years. He will eventually scare off the Chinese Investors and the American dollar will fall like drones at Obama's rallies.
Will Obama apologize for America after the collapse?

The Real Michele said...

Michelle Obama spent more on her purse this month than you spent on your mortgage payment. A lot more.
It was a $5950 black alligator manila clutch made in Italy from the skin of an endangered alligator.
Is Michele Obama a closet Rapper? Where is PETA when the obamas are out of control. What a bunch of liberal wimps at PETA.