Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Anytime anything goes wrong, there's always someone who says there must be a “link” as to why that event happened. Conspiracy theorists abound in our country with most of the liberals thinking that every time something doesn't go their way, it must be a conspiracy and they look for a real “link” or an imagined made-up one.

Take the Tucson shooting for instance. According to a liberal, it wasn't a socially challenged loner, pot head, certified “nut-job” that did the shooting on his own, no, it was the angry, violent Tea Party and that vicious Sarah Palin with the help of incendiary talk show hosts that was partially the cause of that horrific event in front of the Safeway store in Arizona. As the facts of the situation have been unfolding and more and more information comes out, it seems that this mentally deranged guy had it in for Rep. Giffords since 2007 and that he had delusions and flights of fancy about many things which were made up in his warped mind. Without a scintilla of real evidence, the loony liberal politicians and pundits came out of the box, immediately after the shootings, and tried to ignite a conspiracy of conservatives, talk radio hosts, and right-wing politicians, like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, who they claimed turned this”passive nut-job” into an “active nut-job” by their “violent” rhetoric. How absurd that grown up people, who should know better, could think in those terms when actually most of the violent rhetoric was coming from the left side of the political spectrum, not the Tea Party or right-wingers.

Another area where people wholeheartedly said “there was a link”, was in what caused autism. It was widely reported that there was a definite “link” between vaccinations and the incidence of autism. Just recently, it was revealed that the major author of those findings of a link between autism and vaccinations, “cooked the books” and it resulted in faulty research and now his findings have been totally discredited. I guess the big losers here are the trial lawyers. It also shot down another conspiracy theory put out by the liberals to prove that there was collusion between the drug companies and the doctors. What is a liberal supposed to do when there is no “link”?

Finally, why do our students finish way down the list of countries of the world in test scores in math and science? The liberals and the education lobby keep claiming that they don't get enough money to be able to offer our students a better education. That's the “link” according to them, money. Little is said, that in the U.S., we spend more money, per capita, on education than any other country in the world and still we have terrible results. Why is that? Maybe it's our education establishment and the teachers unions that might be the “link” that has dropped us far down the list in performance ratings. The liberals and the teachers unions, who seem to be wedded at the hip politically, oppose most all calls for education reform and clamor for more and more money. It's like throwing money down a rat hole, and many in our country buy it and, therefore, nothing seems to improve for the better even by spending more money.

So, what can one gather from these examples of trying to “find a link”? Well, it seems that the people who seem to push the “political correctness” envelope, the left-leaning liberals, are the “missing link” behind these events. Do you agree?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Stop Kwanzaa and Marxism said...

When it comes to Liberals in America, they have the same ways as Communist China. For Conservatives are GUILTY until proven innocent, Then, when they are proven innocent they are attacked for standing up for themselves.

Frank Stetson said...

When someone, like Sarah Palin, stands up for herself after it was being said that she was in cahoots with other conservatives in fostering a climate of violence by their speech, she gets slandered some more by the very same people who are spouting the hateful speech. She used the term "blood libel" correctly pointing out that the accusers were accusing the wrong people just because they had different political views from the liberals. That's a double-standard that most people would reject as being totally unfair to her and to the other conservatives. Shame on the dupliicitous liberals,that is if they still have any shame left.

Slimster said...

Try as they might, the “progressives” and their minions in the MSM are unable to get the “big lie” past the people. They keep pushing the Messiah as America's economy crumbles

Mozzie said...

The smear machine, all of which is connected directly to Barack Obama and the Democrat Regime, includes the most extremist of the Leftwing radical groups in the nation including the Center for American Progress, Think Progress, SEIU, ACORN, the AFL-CIO, Media Matters, the NAACP, New Left Media, ClimateProgress.org, and others. Their goal? To use the Saul Alinsky-William Ayers tactic of 'disrupt, discredit, destroy.'

Anonymous said...

My opinion of the current problem is, how to get the word out,, the Puke has Acorn to get the drunks to vote, etc. how do we,, the media is all wrapped up kissing the progressives butt, no help their, Fox is the only news, but, to get people to watch and listen , I say who ever runs for the Right, should as was said yrs ago... GIVE EM HELL HARRY,,like Truman, the right is going to have to work for it, just like king Puke did,,,