Thursday, January 6, 2011


We keep on hearing that President Obama is a genius who led the the Harvard Law Review (his major claim to fame before becoming president). I'll grant you that President Obama might be “book smart”, but when it comes to performing his duties as president, he is one of the “dumbest” to have held that office in a long time. In fact, he is making Jimmy Carter look reasonable and competent. Of course,you might say, I'm just spouting anti-Obama sentiments because of the following, 1) he's black, 2) he's a Democrat, 3) I'm a conservative Republican. Let's examine that and see where I'm coming from. I couldn't care less whether Obama is black, half-white, a mulatto or whatever, I am against him because of his policies that are, in my estimation, ruining our country ( I was also against his “lily-white” compatriots Gore and Kerry before him). Race has nothing to do with it. The party affiliation of Obama or myself is irrelevant as there are good and bad in both parties and neither one has a lock on being good people.

Whether because of design or ignorance, our economy is not responding to his initiatives, so why does he continue to pursue these “dumb” policies? Could it be because he is just “dumb” or is it because of his far-left ideology?

As part of the triumvirate of the Democrat version of the Three Stooges (Obama, Pelosi, and Reid), they are going on their merry way, come hell or high water, of sticking it to the American people. Shoving a monstrosity of a health care bill down our throats, pushing the insane climate bill of “Cap and Trade (Tax)” which will increase our cost of living to levels unheard of before, undermining our military during a time of war, and keeping a blind eye on closing our borders to prevent illegal immigration and possible terrorist infiltration, are just some of the “dumb” things he has proposed, or has actually signed into law. This contradicts the Kool-Aid drinking Obamamaniacs that claim that Obama is a genius and the second coming of the Messiah. As the old saying goes, “there are none so blind as those that will not see”.

After 2 years, why have we not come out from under this great recession? Why are we more divided, as a nation, than ever before? Why has Obama gone back on most all his promises that he made to get elected as a “moderate”?

He has used the word “transparency” ad infinitum, but he has been the most secretive president in recent memory. From his obsession with keeping all his personal records of his health, college transcripts, and actual birth certificate hidden from view, his backroom deals with Congressman and Senators, his total lack of candor when it comes to his policy positions that he has promoted, are all pointing to the fact that he is more “dumb” than smart.

So, being superficially smart does not overshadow a person's poor performance in the carrying out of his duties. I, therefore. pronounce that President Obama is “dumb” in the ways of of the world and in performing his duties as president. He's making George W. Bush look like a Rhodes scholar. And, that's the way it is!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Bill Tabel said...

Chuck's got it right. Obama's Administration is a remake of the Jim Carrey classic of "Dumb and Dumber". Ronald Reagan made a comment that describes the liberals and Obama to a tee, he said, "The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant: It's just that they know so much that isn't so". In other words, they are dumb.

Conservative said...

Yes, Chuck is Right. Obama is DUMB! He needs a Teleprompter to realize we have 57 States? Consider we had a guy like Romney available, who is extremely intelligent and surrounds himself with great people. Instead, political correctness got us a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER who surrounds himself with Terrorists and Racists! Our enemies are laughing at us. We MUST get a Conservative to kick (Politically) the Towelhead's butt in 2012