Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jewish leftists whining whining, whining

Mort's Meanderings:

A group of PITPD (Peeing-in-their-pants-Democrats) who identify themselves only as, NJPC-PAC, have sent out a panic-plea email aimed at bolstering the failing campaign of Ron Klein (D).

For the edification of those who don't follow such trivia as political races that affect our lives and futures, let me 'splain it for you. Klein is a cowardly, 'Fake' Jew who is currently squirming uncomfortably in the Congressional seat from Florida's District 22. The sole reason for his discomfort is his soul-shaking fear of his Republican opponent for that seat, in the coming mid-term election. Klein finds himself pitted against a genuine American military hero in the person of Allen West (LTC. U. S. Army, Retired), who retired after 22 years of active service to our nation.

It is understandable that this prospect would be frightening for this weasely little attorney who never spent a day in the armed forces of this country. The military was and still is, a mystery shrouded in a dense fog, to Klein. One doubts that even if he had made the effort, he wouldn't have achieved Tenderfoot status in the Boy Scouts. Yet, der Schpeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, appointed Klein to serve on House committees having the power to affect the lives and welfare of our military veterans. Klein prides himself on his accomplishments on behalf of our Florida vets. The problem is that with the few exceptions that he brings up ad nauseum at every opportunity, the only accomplishments to which he can legitimately lay claim, have been his hand-outs to veterans organizations of the 'Flown-over-the-Capitol' U. S. flags he gets for free. Great.

Whenever he appears before an audience that includes veterans, he glibly refers to the reverence he professes for those who have served our nation. But, the cold fact is that while he might project concern for the plight of our veterans, he can never really know what it actually feels like to be a veteran because - he has never worn the uniform. This craven little attorney Ron Klein is, 'all talk and no walk'.

This is not to say that he isn't capable of playing dirty politics; he is. And during this campaign, he has proven himself to be quite adept at racial slurs, potty-mouthed name calling and blatantly lying in the face of provable facts. A perfect example of his sick and deceitful behavior, is his recent action of intimidation that caused the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to request that LTC. Allen West and Mrs. West voluntarily step down from the honor for which they had been chosen by that same organization. Some claim this action was the handiwork of Klein's wife. This is a distinction without a difference. It is dirty politics that is far beneath the dignity that ought to be accorded a campaign for Florida's District 22 seat in the U. S. House of Representatives.

Klein is not fit to serve in the Congress. He is unworthy of any public office. He is an embarrassment to the all those who elected him to office, particularly his loyal Jewish constituents who voted for him for no other valid reason than that he was one of us, 'a member of the tribe'. His slavish servitude to the freaky combo of the corrupt Obama regime, the twisted tactics of Nancy Pelosi and the deceitful Democrat leadership in the House, is a stain that won't easily be removed.

Klein sent a hit-piece to his constituents, accusing Allen West and his wife, both of whom are highly-educated, highly-accomplished black Americans, of disrespecting the Jewish people. To his ever-lasting shame, Klein stooped further and accused his political opponent, who is a devout Christian and a man of deep faith, of being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. These baseless charges ring terribly hollow in light of the reality of Allen West's trip to Israel last December. His facility with the Hebrew language, his intimate knowledge of the texts of both the Old and the New Testaments plus - his life-long study of the military and religious histories of Israel the entire Middle East, provide him with an understanding of that region that no one who is without a similar background can come close to. That is especially true in the case of a run-of-the-mill ambulance chaser - whether he is circumcised or not.

Now, back to this NJDC-PAC nonsense. They admonish the recipients of their panic-plea, to: "Elect candidates that support Jewish values."
Y'know, I think they've got something there. They've convinced me. I'm one Jew who will be proud and happy to be represented by this man in the Congress of the United States.

I'm working to get ALLEN WEST elected.

MORT KUFF (c) 2010
Boynton Beach, FL

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One of the last Boca Conservatives said...

Weasel Ron Klein is running scared and will use typical Democrat smear tactics on Allen West. Yet current attacks on Allen West are not seen as Racist because Allen is a strong American, not relying on Affirmative Action.
Allen West has the support of the American people behind him not the NAACP or Community Organizers.
Plain and simple, Klein supports Democrats Socialist takeover and he must be defeated. Vote Allen West!

James J. Pirretti said...

Great piece, Mort.

Klein and his ilk will say and do anything no matter how reprehensible to stay in office. If a Republican did 1/10 of what Klein and his cohorts did, the newspapers would be raking him over the coals. And yet, Klein and his supporters, once again, get a free ride from the MSM.

George McCafferty said...

It must be very difficult for a Jew like Mort to see what his fellow religionists are doing to this country by supporting this imposter to the throne, Barack HUSSEIN Obama. The cry these past 60 years has been "Never Again", but it seems like these nitwits who support Obama want another bite of the apple before he dumps Israel for his Muslim friends. It seems that their liberal ideology has blinded them as to what this son of Kenya has in mind for them. Send in more Kool-Aid - they're ready to go.

Florida Acura Insurance said...

Florida was smart to pick Allen West. Klein showed over and over, he was not working for America