Thursday, March 1, 2018

MORT’s meanderings

National corporations cutting
Discounts or dropping their 
support of the NRA, altogether.

I’ve noted the growing list of national corporations that have jumped off
the bandwagon of advertising support for the NRA.  Nowhere among the
names of those companies, did I see any that are in the business of 
duplicating the vital task of defending our Second Amendment rights that
is being so effectively performed by the NRA.  They’re all scared rabbits.

Every single one of those companies that are scampering away from their
traditional support of the National Rifle Association are in business to sell
their products or services.  None of them are committed 24/7-365 as is 
the NRA, in the battle to protect that most holy Second Amendment from 
the crazed gun-haters and the most intolerant segment of our population 
that is equally committed to curtailing free speech in this land of the free
and home of the brave.

I’ll continue to use the products & services offered by the scared rabbits
when it suits my advantage but, you can bet your bottom bippee that I 
shall never forget their cowardly cave-in to 
anti-American-progressive-Socialism gone wild.  Never ever!

   MORT KUFF    © 2-25-2018

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1 comment:

Joe Kern said...

The same people who are falsely condemning the NRA for the killing of innocent people in the Parkland school are the same people who praise Planned Parenthood who kill 300,000 babies each year. Not one of these mass shootings were perpetrated by a member of the NRA or other gun rights group, so why condemn them instead of directing all their ire upon the criminals who carry out these shootings? These anti-gun fanatics are blinded to the facts by their loony liberal ideology.