Thursday, February 15, 2018

MORT’s meanderings

The Cheap Suit Complex.
At what point did Republicans let themselves come apart like a cheap suit when being confronted by loud, bullying Democrats?

Democrats, that is those whose idea of engaging in polite political discourse is to shout down any opposing viewpoints and resort to name-calling right from the get-go, take particular delight in intimidating more peace-loving Republicans.

Typically over the past several decades Republicans have been more likely to avoid the onslaught of bellicose ‘Progressives’ by simply burying their chins in their chests.  The more genteel folks of a conservative bent, do not enjoy engaging in shout sessions.  If they engage in controversial politics (Are there any other kind?) at all, it is likely to be in a more conversational tone.  Hence, political discussions heretofore, have customarily been dominated by the loud & the profane. I cannot recall any Republicans or Conservatives being called loud & profane.

Republicans seem all too willing to accept blame for Government shutdowns or anything else that the loud & profane Democrats care to assign to them.  One wonders when the increasing number of veterans of our Armed Forces who have been elected to the Congress – or are seeking election – will manifest the courage to confront and beat down the loud & profane bellicose ‘Progressives’.  The term ‘Progressive’ is a misnomer if ever there was one.  Every effort to scoff at laws that are on the books; every effort to denigrate the principles upon which this nation was founded; every slur upon our history, heritage & traditions can be laid directly at the feet of the disgustingly delusional & corrupt, tax & spend Democrats.  They exist solely to gain office so that they can control everyone and everything.  Their M.O. is to out-shout all opposition and when possible, to destroy anyone and anything that they find in their path to dominate the Federal Government.
Care to argue with any of the above?

                                                                      MORT KUFF    © 1-25-2018   

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Vince Weaver said...

With all the bellicose rhetoric condemning and vilifying Pres. Trump, I fear that some of the nut jobs in our midst will attempt to take him out "for the good of the country". From the loony left politicians and the sanctimonious Hollywood frauds, including the unfunny "hags", Joy Behar and Chelsea Handler, the call to do Pres. Trump harm, resonates across the main stream media. The amount of hatred against Trump is unprecedented in the annals of politics. Even his family is a target for the unhinged among us. If this continues, the blatant animosity toward the president will spill over into a mini-civil war pitting the right against the left. Will then will the left be satisfied?