Thursday, March 22, 2018

One Size Does Not Fit All

It is not a given but a misnomer when I hear the phrase,
we are all created equal.

It doesn't appear true when I see a child in Africa looking
at me with sad eyes and flies swarming all over his face,
from my television, in a bid for donations. Or children born
with silver spoons in their mouth. Or children born fatherless
into an atmosphere of poverty out of ignorance.

Tell the children confined in facilities like the Shriners or
St.Jude's children's hospitals they were born equal.

We are not all attractive or all homely. We don't all have the
same I.Q.s. We don't all have the same talents in sports, or
music, or other activities. Yet Liberals require we all conform
to how they view the world and individuality applies only to
them. The rest of us is just a horde to these elitists.

Traditional conservatism sees each of us individually and
it acts to reward or punish each of us accordingly. A Liberal
will punish the whole group by the act of one, e.g., NRA, or
reward a whole group for the excellence of one, i.e.,
giving a trophy to everyone, whether they come in first or

The elitists carry this further through unions in collective
bargaining when negotiating benefits. Everyone gets an
equal bite of the pie, whether they are productive or dead
wood to the company.

Democrat administrations have been partial to multilateral
agreements in foreign trade and other agreements that have
not been beneficial to our country.

The current President is getting heat for trying to renegotiate
the blunders of the past administration, in treaties and trade,
trying to level the playing field with tariff threats.

This does not mean painting the problem with one paint
brush, but viewing the entire gallery of many canvases in a
unilateral approach and assessing the composition of each
one separately.

Because people are not all the same, so are nations not the
same, and must be evaluated by who they are, in a way so
that we all can live in harmony without losing our identity.

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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1 comment:

Malcolm Warren said...

That's the modus operandi of the liberals, put everyone in a group and to hell with the individual. That's why they play up the notion that you are a gay-American, a black-American, an Hispanic-American etc., etc. So, for instance, if you are a black-American, you should vote like most blacks do, for Democrats. If a black person strays off the Democrat "plantation", they are called "Uncle Toms", an "Oreo Cookie", or a sell-out. To a liberal, conformity to a group is more important than individual initiative. That's why most liberals are Marxist/Socialists.