Thursday, March 15, 2018

MORT’s meanderings

There is an edifice located on 23rd St.,NW in
 Washington, D.C. that is widely known as, ‘The
 State Department’. . . it was formed on July 27, 1789, some 229 years
 ago and today, employs about 13,000 people and operates in 180 countries 
with a budget that is upward of $36 Billion (with a ‘B’) taxpayer dollars. This
 Department is charged with the responsibility to advise the President, lead the
 nation in foreign policy issues, negotiate treaties and agreements with foreign 
entities and represent the United States at the United Nations.  A big job.

Since the Founders of this nation that included such capable men as George 
Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin to name just a
 few, the average level of skill practicing the art of diplomacy on behalf of the USA,
 has sadly and unfortunately, declined appreciably.  Among the recent, lack-luster 
Secretaries of State are two women, the bumbling Madelyn Albright and the
 infamously corrupt Hillary Clinton, each of whom added less than nothing to 
improve that lineage. Following those unsuccessful acts, we were forced to 
endure the blustering, cowardly and spectacularly incompetent presidency of 
Barack Hussein Obama, coupled with the dubious aid of his Secretary of State
 - the all-time arrogant boob, John F. Kerry.  Together, they managed to concoct
 and pull off the greatest example of a diplomatic disaster the World has ever 
witnessed - the Great Iran Nuclear Surrender & $ Giveaway. It is way beyond
 the worst, ever.

Now, to the utter shock, dismay and extreme discomfort of the Dept. of State’s
 career bureaucrats and Foreign Service Officers around the world, they learn that 
 they’ve been put out to pasture by President Donald J. Trump. ‘The Donald’, who
 is universally recognized as the greatest negotiator since the genius diplomat, Ben
 Franklin himself, has elected to sidestep the middle-men & middle-women of
 ‘State’.  Current Secty of State Rex Tillerson, led by President Trump, will take on
 the direct diplomatic negotiations with the world’s leading bad guys. Guess who 
comes out on top after these tussles? I can’t wait for the fur to fly.
                                                                        MORT KUFF    © 3-10-2018

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Ray Jacobson said...

Shame on the media and the Democrats for exploiting the students in the furtherance of of their obsession with doing away with guns, especially AR-15's. They must realize that that will never happen, but they continually work on the emotions of these vulnerable young people to further their agenda. The young people have been duped that the NRA is the guilty party in these murders, but they never mention the fact that 99.9% of AR-15 gun owners do not commit crimes or murder innocent people, crazy mixed up criminals are the culprits, not the gun. Let common sense prevail and leave the kids out of it.