Thursday, March 8, 2018

Nothing is Absolute Except Death

There are individuals who live outside the law and no matter
what restrictions or restrains you place on the NRA, it will
have no effect on these people.

Liberals offer no constructive solutions to stop tragic events
such as the recent ones, other than to dismantle the Second
Amendment and ways for demising the NRA.

The statistics supporting other methods of violence does not
receive the attention as does the liberal agenda on the war
against the NRA, therefore it is a blur in the mainstream media
coverage. it lacks the punch of sensationalism they look for.
Nothing is absolute except death, so common sense, not
emotion is required from both sides of the controversy to
reach consensus.

The quality of life has deteriorated and it has lost its worth in
complacency. Perhaps another deep depression as the one we
went through in the 1930s, will bring us back to reality. When
we respected the value of life.

Miss use of firearms was attributed to gangsters and very rarely
attributed to the general public. The Motion Picture Production
Code of 1930 (Hays Code) kept immorality and violence at bay.
Implementing a similar code can be one idea in restoring civility
and normalcy during these chaotic times, but it is doubtful the
Liberal PC police force will allow it, because it will work against
their interpretation of the First Amendment.

The tragedies we are going through are not limited to gun violence
alone. The evil and deranged use many implements to harm
others, so, does this mean many items we use in our course of
living must be outlawed?

I'm not against the 2nd Amendment, but it needs to be
refined in order to take into consideration creations not in
existence when our Founding Fathers formulated it.

My personal opinion fails to understand why a military type
weapon is necessary for a civilian to posses. The argument
about protection against a tyrannical government taking
over doesn't cut it, because if that ever happened, access
to military arms would not be difficult to obtain.

For the tree huggers and sanctuary city types, whose
advocacy can be as dangerous as a perpetrator's deed; when
seconds count, help usually arrives in minutes. This is why it
makes sense to train and arm certain volunteer personnel in
a facility, who are in the immediate area.

The President and I do not suggest 60 year old kindergarten
teachers pack heat.

Meeting with diversified groups for feedback and ideas, the
President hopes the country together, will find a solution to
the horror befallen in our schools and workplace.
If liberals can't offer more than banning guns and the NRA,
"Put a sock in it!"

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Andy Schreiber said...

As traumatic as the Parkland shooting was, how come only a few outspoken anti-gun students were picked out to rant and rave against the NRA? So, I smell a rat? Could it be the the anti-gun groups financed by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros might be behind this "spontaneous" outpouring of vitriol against the NRA? The main street media, in collusion with with the anti-gun cabal, did not seek out students who were favorable to the efforts of the NRA. They were not given a chance to express themselves as they were considered "politically incorrect" and they were not complying with the narrative that they wanted presented. Another example of "fake news" by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC, and you wonder why their ratings are so poor?

John Grillo said...

Yes. George, death is absolute, but you left out a few other absolutes. Take liberals for example (as Henny Youngman would say, PLEASE), it is an absolute for them to hate Pres. Trump, to be for open borders as long as it is not in their own backyard, to continually raise taxes, especially on people who are successful, to worship at their "holy grail" of abortion etc. ALL ABSOLUTES ! As Michael Savage has stated, liberalism is a mental disorder, truer words were never spoken.