Sunday, October 1, 2017

Whatever Happened to.......?

  • common courtesy,  like people holding the door open for another person and that person then saying THANK YOU for your effort?
  • free and open discussion of political topics in our schools and colleges without the interference of hecklers and people threatening violence? (ex: Antifa and Black Lives Matter)

    • our elected representatives showing up for work on a regular basis and doing their job as an elected official and then passing meaningful legislation for the benefit of the citizens they represent?
    • professional athletes playing the sport they excel in while keeping their political and social views to themselves, not at their workplace?
    • newspapers and some cable T.V. Stations giving us the unvarnished “truthful” news (not “fake news”) instead of being overly partisan for one political party over another?
    • law and justice as applied to people in high places who seem to be getting away with crimes, while the poor “schlumps” like us get “nailed” for the very same crimes? (ex: Hillary Clinton and her illegal server).
    • the presumption of innocence when someone is accused of a crime in a “he said – she said” situation, unless or until found guilty in a court of law, as a false accusation can ruin a person's life forever?
    • honoring your father, mother and family by a person being honest and trustworthy in his dealings with others.
    • people being able to practice their religious beliefs without being called vile names, chastised, or threatened by the government and people who abhor religion (ex: gay marriage, co-ed bathrooms, abortion etc.)?

    • a person being judged on the content of his/her character instead of the color of his/her skin, ethnic background, religious affiliation, or country of origin?
    • to the idea that you should stand for the playing of the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance out of respect for your country and the people who fought and died for it?
    • the music of today that has no melody, no understandable lyrics, that denigrate women, and cannot be danced to like the music of yesteryear?
    • being able to laugh at an ethnic or racial joke without being labeled a bigot or a racist, even though the person who the joke referred to thought it was funny and not “politically incorrect”?
    • the time when people's achievements were considered to be an inspiration rather than a grievance?
    • the idea that if you worked hard and obeyed the rules and you made a lot of money, it was not subject to the greed of others or the government by taking it from you and giving it to someone else who didn't work as hard as you?

Can anybody figure out what happened?  If you can, please let us know by making a comment on what you just read.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Unknown said...

Nasa is working hard to reach Mars.
Just another planet for humans to screw up like the job they are doing to earth.

Franklin Rose said...

Whatever happened to common sense and the "Golden Rule"? Even before the the dead bodies from the Las Vegas massacre were removed, the Democrats were politicizing the awful event for their own political agenda. Is it any wonder why "nut jobs" are encouraged to do their dastardly acts when you have liberals calling for the assassination of the president and the decapitating of him in the social media? What a disgrace to have the leaders of the Democrat Party use such disparaging rhetoric in trying to tear down a sitting president. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should be ashamed of themselves.