Thursday, October 26, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

. . . . talk about ‘Delusional’ !!

If the reports in all the news outlets are true . . . and why should that ever be a question? . . . the Queen of Delusion, Hillary Retread Clinton, is deluding herself that she hears football stadiums full of zombies clamoring for her to run yet-again, once-more-around-the-park, for the exalted office of the Presidency of the United States.  
Other than a few thousand, clinically-brain-deads who still remain dangerous Obamaphiles, and who are still roaming the halls of our FedGovt  in the Nation’s Capital and are still collecting  untold billions of tax-payer dollars as unearned salaries for mucking up the works  - - and those remaining hordes of  clinically-brain-dead Obamaphiles who are still clinging to the fallacy that Obama wasn’t and isn’t still, a radical Muslim through and through, who wasn’t in any way qualified to be our 44th President,  and who wasn’t actively an anti-American agent of Islam and who in their eyes, could do no wrong - -
no one in their right mind would take two tiny baby steps to vote for Hag Hillary, again, once more, yet.
By the way, one wonders if Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme, who infamously failed in her attempt to assassinate Pres. Jerry Ford, is still available for an assignment?   (only kidding, Folks).
                                                       MORT KUFF   © 10-3-2017

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Vince Weaver said...

The Democrats are going nuts by claiming that Pres. Trump is mentally disabled, when they have in their leadership a leader who shows definite signs of dementia in the person of, Nancy Pelosi. If you've seen her lately on the "unbiased" main stream media, she has trouble putting together a concise, understandable sentence when claiming that she is a very effective legislator and leader and should remain as a leader of the Democrat caucus. As a Republican, I second her determination to remain a leader of the Democrat Party, she is the gift that keeps on giving to the Republicans. Go Nancy go !