Thursday, September 28, 2017

MORT’s meaderings

CNN & MSNBC Reporters and Talking Heads
with Attention Deficit Disorder:
We get ityou don’t like Trump.  Noted. Understood.  Got it. Got it!

Why is that?  Is it because he can be obnoxious but continues to win?

Is it because so many working-class people you hate, voted for him?

Is it because he has your number and he calls you out when you lie?

Is it because you can’t stand the sight or the sound of the man?

Is it because Melania’s style eclipses memories of MooseshellObama?

Is it because you despise Trump and despite all you have done and are still doing to trash his every move, he continues to keep each and every one of the campaign promises he made?  

Is it because you are so blinded by hatred for this exceptional nation, its  warts-and-all history – and the Constitution of the United States?

Is it because you have feelings of inadequacy after 8 years of Obama spewing hate, divisiveness, lies and anti-American demonization?

Is that why your heads are twisted-on with left-handed threads? You are all such sad sacks.  Have you considered other lines of work?  Hmmmm?
                                              MORT KUFF    © 9-3-2017

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1 comment:

Julius Greenberg said...

Which political party is condoning the disrespectful actions of the over-priced, ignorant pro-athletes who are protesting by kneeling before the presentation of the flag and the national anthem? Well it was not the Republicans, so it must be the loony liberal Democrats. They, the athletes, claim it's racism by the police that they are protesting, but shouldn't they be protesting the killing of over 500 blacks in the City of Chicago by other blacks? That's where the racism is, not by the few incidents when police are involved in shootings of blacks. In fact, more police are shot by blacks than are blacks being shot by police. This whole protest is a phony exercise and is now a protest against Pres. Trump who had nothing to do with their false claim of police brutality. Most of the people support Pres. Trump in this matter, so it looks like the panty-waist NFL will be the loser if they don't clean up their act.