Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Great Pretenders

Back in the 1950's, a #1 record hit was a song by the group, The Platters, it was called “The Great Pretender”.

Well, 62 years later, that song could be the theme song of the loony liberal “elites” who pretend to be inclusive, empathetic, and tolerant, but in reality, they are “The Great Pretenders”.

Who are these pretenders that I'm referring to? Let's start with some of the greatest pretenders who inhabit Hollywood. They are wealthy pretenders who decry people of wealth and who think that our society is “evil” as they pile up their millions of dollars for pretending to be someone else. These phonies who wear their Gucci gowns and Armani suits, think that our capitalistic system exploits its citizens, but fail to mention that it is that very same system that has made them so wealthy (they are the “evil” 1%).

Look at what some of these pretenders (who are overwhelmingly liberal) have been up to. Harvey Weinstein, a major Hollywood mogul, has admitted that he has been a serial woman abuser for over 30 years (and who has decried Donald Trump's lifestyle which doesn't even remotely compare with his infidelities), but in the eyes of his fellow Hollywood friends, he should be forgiven because he has apologized for his bad behavior after being outed by the N.Y. Times. In fact, his attorney, Lisa Bloom (daughter of famed “feminist” attorney Gloria Allred) who is also a self-professed “feminist”, has come to his defense as his lawyer and spokeswoman. Hypocrisy at its worst, as Lisa Bloom would be beside herself, in indignation, if it was a Republican instead of a million-dollar donor to the Democrat Party like Weinstein is and has been. Bloom is the same lawyer who tried to smear and destroy, then presidential candidate, Donald Trump, as being a woman abuser who should not be elected president. It was all smoke and mirrors and “fake news”. Now, she is defending a self-admitted pervert and misogynist, Harvey Weinstein. You can't make this stuff up as truth is stranger than fiction.

The pretenders are not limited to the “elitist” leftist Hollywood loons (like George Clooney, Stephen Colbert, Sean Penn, Madonna, Kathy Griffin, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda etc.), but it has carried over to many of the sanctimonious politicians who use the same double-standards as their famous Hollywood counterparts.

Look at all the condemning rhetoric that the liberal Democrats (and some RINO Republicans) are using to vilify and undermine the presidency of Donald Trump while pretending to be above reproach and better than the “foolish” and “deplorable” people who voted for Donald Trump. These ingrates lost the last election and they can't figure out why and how Trump won against all odds and the phony predictions of the “fake news” media. They constantly pretend to preach tolerance, but in reality, they are preaching intolerance. Their hatred is endemic.

These liberal politicians pretend to be for the middle-class and poor, but their policies do just the opposite. Look at what they say they are against (anything Trump is for), not what they are for (mostly Socialist principles and more government control of our lives).

These politician pretenders pretend to be inclusive, but do just the opposite by “Balkanizing” the citizens by race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and religion. They also pretend to be for raising the minimum wage as a benefit for low income workers, but they ignore the economic certainty that, by mandating a higher minimum wage, it will hurt the very people they pretend they want to help, by pricing the poor worker out of a job and the experience needed by that worker to climb the wage ladder.

So, as you can see, hypocrisy is rampant in our society, as many people pretend to do good, but they wind up doing just the opposite for the vast majority of the people.

Yes, the Platters song, “The Great Pretender(s)”, is relevant today among many of our so-called political leaders and Hollywood celebrities, who pretend to be someone they are not.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Unknown said...

They aren't pretenders when it is shown they reflect a Swine-stein
culture. If draining the swamp in Washington is a priority, The sty in Hollywood needs a clean up big time.

Bill Tabel said...

The tables have been turned around now that the revelations about Russia seems to be focused on the "The Great Pretenders" of virtue, the Democrats, not the Republicans. The main stream media are noticeably silent on the Democrat Russian collusion. Donald Trump Jr. had a 30 minute inconsequential meeting with a Russian and the media went wild with conspiracy theories for weeks on end. NOTHING, NADA, NIL, that anything untoward took place, but now they can hardly mention the Clinton, Democrat involvement in the Uranium One deal and the Fusion GPS "Dossier" where actual bribes and payoffs took place. Is there a double-standard in the media and by the Democrats, is the Pope Catholic?