Thursday, October 5, 2017

Make lemonade when handed lemons

I am about to walk through a bed of hot cinders to approach a very
controversial subject ignited with well meaning, miss informed do-
gooders, who think giving the knee to our flag and national anthem
when it is played is a form of protest to champion the plight they
claim is injustice to our under class minority citizens in a just cause;
but it has lost its true meaning and gotten out of control, and in truth
they are giving the finger to my beloved country.

If these over paid complainers are serious about their concerns for
the downtrodden, they should kneel in prayer for the restoration of
family structure, where 67% of black households lack the presence
of a father caused by hit and run macho conquests and domestic
violence, that can also be attributed among some of the protestors.
Much of the present discourse began with "don't shoot, hands up,"
induced from a lie, provoked by a bully (Michael Brown) in Ferguson,
Mo. who defied violently an arrest order from a police officer. So was
born the phrase, "Black lives matter," that has become an organized
mob to disrupt anything or anyone who disagrees with their agenda of
black supremacy.

Racism continues to exist, because the accusers and their liberal
minions are feeding and keeping it alive, using the people they profess
to help for their own warped benefit for power and financial gains.
There is no denying the black mark of slavery tarnished the, "shining
city upon a hill" in our history.

The human flesh was supplied to our shores by their own people. If
there is a plus to be had for hardship and indignity to this inhumane
episode, it is that their progeny eventually, on their own volition, had
the opportunity to rise above victimization and achieve the American
dream they wouldn't have had in their ancestral land.

These kneelers will do well to see they are profiting big time from the
road that brought them here.

Many have taken the opportunity to contribute and integrated into a
productive society, where others have chosen to remain dependent
on government subsidies and play the system.

When I listen to the likes of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie
Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, I have to check the bottom of my
shoes to make sure where it's coming from.

Conservative column from George Giftos


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1 comment:

Ray Rowland said...

The old saying that "If you outlaw guns then only the outlaws will have guns", is more relevant today in the face of the liberal elite's onslaught in trying to ban or confiscate all firearms. These are the same phonies who have hired armed bodyguards to protect them, but want to deny ordinary law-abiding citizens the right to protect themselves. They prove the adage that "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder". Most of these famous hypocrites have the I.Q. of lint.